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Get your 2017 Nashville “Homecoming” Roundup T-Shirt here!


I've agreed to take on the T-shirt production and ordering process for Dave in advance of the upcoming 2017 Nashville Roundup (which I've dubbed "Homecoming" in recognition of our return to Hachland Hills and to honor Phila).

You've seen the gorgeous design worked up by our man Bob Howard (and if you haven't, I'll post it again below).

I'm a fan of two-sided shirts, with the big picture on the back and an insignia of some sort in the left breastpocket area on front - but some prefer the single big image on the front.

Our T-shirt vendor is flexible, so we can have our shirts either way. (Just to confuse things, because that's the way I do it, I'm going to check with him about big picture on the front and insignia on a sleeve...)

Bob has graciously worked up a design for the insignia, and it harmonizes beautifully with the big-pic design, so we're ready to take orders. (As last year, you don't have to attend to get a shirt; feel free to order for friendly postal delivery.)

Here's how she gonna work. Email me with your choices: quantity, size(s), design options. (Use the GDP contact link or the email address you no doubt already have for me.) I'll send you a PayPal invoice, you'll pay, and your order will be made. If it's to be mailed, I'll probably need your address. Otherwise, you'll take delivery at the Roundup.

For colors, we've decided on the same "natural" (tan/muslin-looking) tees we used last year, and the same "chocolate brown" ink. Sizes range from S to almost any number of XXL variants.


• single-side, large image on front: 15.00
• double-side; large image on back, insignia on front: 20.00

• 2.00 upcharge for XXL and larger

Deadline for orders is officially Sept 7, but I bet I could still take straggling orders after that.

Insignia (about 3.5" inches across) shown above.


And, just as a reminder, here's what the Big Picture looks like. Good simulation of shirt and ink color, too.

A truly bespoke heirloom keepsake of this once-in-a-lifetime event, sure to be cherished through the years!


Grrr!!! I've never been to Nashville, and once again, will have to miss it this year - I'm traveling. Great work Bob.

Is there an insignia-only option? Front (if the insignia is big enough), or left shirt pocket, or sleeve? T-shirt size = large.


As I said to the bartender: "Two large doubles, please."


Imma gonna get me one of each! Thanks for jumping on this, Tim.


Bob, I just showed your wonderful design to Duane. He was very moved (as was I), and said, "Oh that sweet woman, she would love this so much."

She would be blessin' all your hearts. I know I do.


Ya'll need to stop by and say hi sometime over the weekend, Miss. Deed. That would be a hoot!

Tim, thanks again. YOU RAWK!!!


Thanks, Deed. I don't often get a chance to work from the heart. Glad y'all like it.


You might want to edit the section on colors


Email sent.


Email sent. Thank you for doing this when your so busy


Hitch in the gitalong here. (Tavo, that's hillbilly for SNAFU.)

A minor one, I hope.

I've figured out tonight that one of my email addresses is partially broken and hasn't been working properly since 9/1, which was Friday. If you sent your order email to Point Click & Drag, I probably didn't get it.

You may or may not have gotten a bounce-back.

Email provider is supposed to be on the job tomorrow and fix it - and it's likely (but not certain) that the errant emails are piled up on the provider's server, so I may get them once the issue (for those who care, a broken mail exchange alias) is resolved.

In the meantime, if you'd re-send your request to harmanz at psci dot net, I'll receive it without difficulty.

I was out of town with little internet access over the weekend, but have just sent invoices to those whose emails did come through. That includes Bob Howard, zigracer, Snorre, Twom, and Mr Vitullo.

Suprdave, NJBob, Tartan Phantom, munman - no have receiveth. If there's enough info above for me to invoice you at your customary email addresses, I'll do that.

nielDa, we can absolutely do just the insignia over the left shirt-pocket area. Very classy approach. Say the word and make it yours (15.00).

Didier, good to hear from you. Yes, we can do a 3XL, 22.00 for 2-sided, 17.00 for one side.


And a reminder to all - Tshirtguy would like orders by 9/7. That's 3 short days away - THIS THURSDAY, in fact.

Get your orders in!


Email(s) sent.


I would like two threex please doublesided. Will email too.


Paid! Thanks again for running the legwork on these, Tim!

This design is totally killer, Bob. Thank you for putting it together! I just had to have me one!


I'm sure it's way, way too late to even think about it for this year, but in future years, we should try to see about getting the design on other stuff, like coffee mugs. That would be awesome.

Along the same lines, did anyone get picks made? I loved it when we got picks made for past events. If it hasn't happened already, Tim, drop me a line and let's see if we can make it happen.

(If all this sounds like someone babbling after being stuck in a cave for the past year, well, that's pretty accurate)


Picks have NOT happened. If you want to do that, it would be great, Tim.

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