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Deke Dickerson’s 2010 Guitar Geek Festival



This thread is devoted to coverage of the 2010 Guitar Geek festival, which Deke has graciously allowed me to cover for the GDP.

There will be pics, reportage, and audio and video files.

Expect not only additional posts, but changes to existing posts as I get the material up. It's a work in progress.

Guitar Geek is a skinny-dipping dive into the deep end of pure guitar culture – but it's not a question of sink or swim, because you can just lay back and float the music. Imagine a room bustin' at the seams with people (I'd say "guys," but there were a lot of women) who know the difference between a Bigsby butterknife and a Merle Travis handle.

The music ranged from Rachmaninoff to 1917 blues through all of western swing, honky tonk, blues, jazz, surf – and TWANG – with stopoffs for Hawaiian slack key, space groove futuresteel, and the Ramones.

Plus Deke's portable guitar museum of guitars and amps you pretty much never see in the flesh, Sponge Bob Spare Pants singing Journey and Styx, Crazy Joe's Evil Electric Ukelele, and 17 electric 12-strings playing "Hey Electric 12-string Band, Can You Play in Tune for Me."

Sound wacky? Tongue may frequently be in cheek, but the players are serious, and it's all real live guitar magic.

The day would have been full without Duane's set – but it was far more than the icing on the cake. It will have been the first time many in the room heard The Twang live, and the effect was instant and galvanizing, like being connected to the dynamo.

Awesome is a word that gets tossed around pretty sloppily, but I don't think anyone who was there would deny it applies.

And on with the show.

The schedule:


The stage, and a couple views of the ballroom decor, which was Early Guitar Kitsch Manic.


Deke's Guitar Museum

Lots of hi-res detail shots will be available eventually - but for now, geek out!

(If you don't like guitars like this, you won't get it. If you do ... wear a bib.)


I've seen the name Elaine Frizzell around. Is she related to Lefty Frizzell?


Wow! Some crazy-cool stuff there.


Now there's a collection of wacky guitars I never seen before.

I've spotted some really awesome amplifiers.


Hey... how come that guy with the hat on got to touch?

Hermitt said: Hey... how come that guy with the hat on got to touch?

Thats Deke Dickerson. He runs the joint.


Why am I drooling? and no, that's not Deke.


Intense. I would LOVE to see the high res photos when you get a chance to post them somewhere. The Charlie Christian Dobro is just insane. And was that a Stratosphere twin basket case next to the Royal Flush?


The guy with the sparkle Premier doubleneck is Johnny "The Colonel" Maguire (from The Colonel's Sooper Dooper Guitar Party). Look it up - cool event held on the east coast in October.


His business card identifies him as DJ-Musician-Guitar Lover. We had a pleasant talk between sets, and he's as engaging as he looks – I look forward to a longer visit, perhaps if I can make the party this year.


You guys are right - I just found the GDP thread on the Colonels Super Dooper Guitar Party.


In the future all guitars will look like they flew in on Flash Gordon's space ship. They will, of course, be festooned with all kinds of sparkly stuff, and have lots of knobs and switches.

What an outstanding collection!


Crazy Joe Titschler

Deke schedules fairly short sets - 20-40 minutes max - so as to get in as much variety as possible in a feature-packed day of music. It's impossible to get bored.

Since I wasn't able to get to the show till after 5:00, I missed the first several acts. I've seen Buddy & Suzi several times (just this morning, in fact), but I really wanted to see Meshugga Beach Party.

In any case, the first act I caught in its entirety was Crazy Joe Titschler, the (soon-to-be) PhD in engineering from a small Ohio town.

Brilliant player and humorist in the Western Swing-SoCal Town Hall Party tradition: smart and quirky, with sophistication parading as cornpone. (All of which is part of the charm of the style.)

Did you need more high end than a Tele, a Mosrite, or a Bigsby? He played his entire set on a tiny-scale "electric uke." Think hillbilly shredding an octave higher than kill. Or a cross of Rachmaninoff and Hollywood hillbilly, "Flight of the Beverly Bumblebilles."

Learn a little about Joe here:

Joe Kicks It Off
Some Little Richard
Flight of the Beverly Bumblebillies
Mary Ann

Electric Ukelele Rag


What is that teeny-tiny Burns? Is it just a really small 6-string?


Thanks for the coverage! I'm always hopeful that Deke will take a smaller-scale version of the festival on the road. In the meantime, I buy the DVD's as soon as they become available (it's usually a couple-year wait). I'm not familiar with the Super Dooper here on the east coast, I'll have to research it...


Proteus, I took this event in as a result of Deke's post last week. It was a great show with the right combination of "geeks" and "worthies."

I met some really nice people like George Tomsco and Fred Gretsch but missed out on introducing myself to Duane Eddy. Oh well, I met "Crazy Joe" and some great pedal steel players!!

One thing I learned....those single coil Dynasonic style PUPs sound great for Duane's "twang" but I can't deal with that noise. Even Duane complained about it although, being a really nice guy, said, "my guitar's feeding back a bit!"

Was Duane playing a Gretsch replica guitar? It sure looked like it.


tha guy with the big white hat looks a aweful lot like Junior Brown but I don't see a guitsteel anywheres around!


DANG!!!! I really wanted to be there this year!

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