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Cream City Gretsch Day


Thanks for the heads up Blauserk. Fred's assistant emailed me last night asking if they could post that. Pretty cool indeed.

Superdave, yeah somewhat! He has always loved seeing his name on my guitars at home, and thought the giant banner was really cool. He's been to Cream City before, but still loves looking at all the guitars on the wall.

As any 6 year old would, he get's bored after a while, but handled it well there. It will likely be a different story when/if he starts playing. He does have a few instruments, and strums around a bit on a uke and some smaller guitars around the house. I always tell him he needs to be a drummer so I can stop searching for one all the time.

Speaking of roundups, I would love to see if one would be possible in Milwaukee or Chicago. I always wanted to go to Nashville, but since it's moved farther south I doubt that's possible for me anymore. Maybe I'll start a thread and see if anyone's down...


I'd love to do a Roundup closer to Southern Indiana. I just can't find a worthy spot to do it, here.

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