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C’mon Everybody! Nashville Roundup 2019 Sept 19-22


Our drummers should get more love.

– Suprdave

That’s what I always say.


Didn't realize that there were so many drummers there!

Thanks, Dave!


Yeah, don't tell Sammy.


So...we still doin this?

Because, frankly, the thought of sweltering in 110 degree heat and humidity with friends is, day by day, more appealing to me than it was 5 months ago.

There's a stream if we're hot, and a cool beverage to two will help.

Silver linings.


I have not heard from Carter, and frankly, it's probably too soon to tell. I imagine this thing has really affected his business.

My thoughts....HELL YEAH WE ARE! I know this virus isn't going anywhere soon. I'm hoping that we'll be down to acceptable numbers by the time late August arrives. This has taken it's toll on everyone, in one way or another but I am so ready to hug my friends form the GDP.

It's been a strange year...maybe late August wont be as hot as normal.


So strange a year that you posted in the 2019 thread. I blame Crowbone. He has a medical marijuana permit.


It's like I'm still there...


Yeah, don't tell Sammy.

– Suprdave

LMAO!!! Why am I just now seeing that?


So strange a year that you posted in the 2019 thread. I blame Crowbone. He has a medical marijuana permit.

– NJBob

Hey, he started it.

Sammy we really need to see you there this year. Drag Greg along too, will ya?


My guess is that International Beatleweek is a bust for 2020--too many international travelers/artists/bands and too close at hand to cram like sardines those from Across the Universe into a little brick tube with the amps up to 11 and the heat to 12. It would be swell to see everyone at the Roundup.

I cannot remember why this was moved to such an early date; if it was the availability of Miss Phila's place, perhaps, we could go back to the end of September/early October, as Carter probably has plenty of availability now. Just a thought.


Seems like any unscheduled time(in September and October) would probably have been already booked during those times which were already unavailable in the first place.


Woops... I'm jumping over to the future...2020

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