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C’mon Everybody! Nashville Roundup 2019 Sept 19-22


Hey Folks! I thought I'd use Eddie Cochran's call out to get your attention.

It's a new year and there's a new date for the 2019 Nashville Roundup. As always, I'm excited to get Hachland Hills to host our event once again. Carter is such a great host and he and his sister Liza did a great job as always accommodating us. Carter doesn't cook just like Grandma but darn near as good. Let's just say it's different but always satisfying. Carter and Liza are just one part of the recipe though. Once attendees start showing up,things start to change. It's like one big family reunion and there's your favorite Uncle that you haven't seen in a year or more with a beautiful Gretsch guitar, in his hands.

Sept 19 - 22 will be party time! I'm not going to try to hard to sell this, this year. We usually shoot for the week after but the Thumb-pickers convention in Nashville has kind of pushed us forward. I was hoping for the week after, but Carter was already booked. It's getting harder and harder every year to get a spot at Hachland because it's become such a popular venue. I'm just going to post a few links here for previous years roundups....

Hope you all enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

All I have to say this year is, I hope that attendees are having a better year. Last year we had several that couldn't attend because of work, flooding or family illness and as always, those folks were sorely missed. We had some new faces as always, too, and those are also always welcome. With new members on the pages this year, I'd sure like to get meet some of those people in person and Nashville, being somewhat centrally located in the continental USA, is a great place to do that. Regardless, if you're closer to another one, then please attend whichever. Roundups are a blast and I personally plan on attending others some day. When in Nashville, do what Nashvillians do. So there comes a day, usually Friday or Saturday where a group of attendees sneak off to see Nashville and the surrounding area. Maybe go to Gruhn's and check out vintage guitars or any of the other music stores in Nashville that always have something special to pick around on or even take home. So if you are new to the roundup, keep your ears open for the caravan and hitch a ride with an attendee that has a vehicle. Or hang out for some quiet time and an acoustic by the creek, or in the creek if you're as silly as I am.

I can't explain in words the joy and feeling of love and camaraderie that we all enjoy at these events. It's just one of those things that you have to experience and Joe Carducci is the Cherry on the top. Saturday night with the Barnbuster band and swag fest and some self medicating, makes it all come together and brings the entire family together. As every year, this will be a year to remember.

Much love to all of you.... ...See you in NashVegas!


Dave, off topic for a second or two, but every time I see that first pic, I have to grin.

It sums up the Suprdave that I've met to a tee. Get a copy and frame it. It is SO you.

Back to the thread, thanks for keeping this Roundup going again for this year. Hopefully I'll be able to stop in this year.


Thanks J.D., Miss ya bud.


I will do my best to be there, with or without my 6120.

My wife wants me out of the house more....


It’s the only traveling I do that I still look forward to.

Thanks Dave for doing all the hard work.


You know I wouldn't miss it for nuthin'

For those of you that have made it to a past one, I sure hope to see you there again.

For those of you who haven't... well what are you waiting for? A weekend up in the barn is pretty close to a life-changer.


What Bax said! I’m in.


Great news and thanks for all you do, Dave... I'll be looking forward to the only 3 day vacation I know of that feels like 3 weeks.


no wait, I mean

no, that's not it....

Oh, how about...

I might even show up in on of those Spinners jackets..


So it's gonna be a party again, eh?


Hey Proteus, make sure you write this one down somewhere.


I was clearing out some old e-mails and ran across this in part of an email from Nobody when we were trying to come up with a name for the roundup events and I thought I'd share.

Here's a list of ideas.

"Come Gretsch ye Some"


"Cantchy Fetschy Gretsch"

"Good Gretschious Alive"

"Strange Crew with Gretsches Too"

"Bigsby Bar the Door"

"G-Brand Hoe Down"

And my favorites:

"Gretsch-aholics Anomalous"

"Gretsch Addicts Group Binge"

and, more seriously, the rather safe

"Gretsch Players Roundup"

Just thought I'd share some GDP History. it's funny to run across these emails now.


A Gaggle of Gretschers

Disciples of Gretsch Congregation

Gathering of Gretschites

Loyal Order of Fred

...this is fun.


The Sacred Conclave of the Loyal Order of Exalted Gretsch at the Grand Lodge - Chapter #1, Joelton, TN.


The Sacred Conclave of the Loyal Order of Exalted Gretsch at the Grand Lodge - Chapter #1, Joelton, TN.

– Bob Howard

Would that require a Grand Poobah?


So this is Sept 27 - 30, right? I'll ink it in.

(**NOTE: wrong date above. Is joke on me, because I mixed up the dates last year and couldn’t attend.

ACTUAL DATE: 9/19-22.)


Late to this, but count me in!

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