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California Gold Rush Roundup T-Shirts


Thanks to Vince Ray and Powdog, we have a design for a California Gold Rush Roundup t-shirt.

The first image is the one that will go on the back of the shirt, whereas the second image will be on the chest where a pocket would otherwise be. These won't be pocket t-shirts; just the image goes where the pocket would be.

The final image is that of the shirt itself.

T-shirts will be available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, or XXXL. Shirts will cost $13 each.

Let me know if you would like to order one. In order to have them by the Roundup, I will need to put in an order quickly. So, please respond ASAP.

EDIT: By the way, these are Gildan 100% preshrunk cotton shirts. Very high quality t-shirts that should last you a while despite many washings (for those of you who wash your clothes).


Just askin'... is the "Whut?" a definite go? Love the image, very Hangtown cool.


Just askin'... is the "Whut?" a definite go? Love the image, very Hangtown cool.

– Deed Eddy

That is just Vince's crazy humor, which is otherwise often evident in his images. If the overwhelming majority of people find that to be a deal breaker of some kind, I am sure that we can create the shirts without it. Otherwise, I have other things to do with my time at the moment. LOL


Put me down for a XXL and a L.


Put me down as an XXXL, as big as you can get :)

Just wondering, are there other color options too just in case?

I love the shirts ,,


Geoff, that is the color that the shirts will be. It is called "sand" by Gildan. We can't have multiple shirt colors or this little bit of frivolity becomes a much larger job than is desirable.


CHANGE Bob!!!!

I'll need an XL and a Small


Black Medium possible?


Ha ha.

See Post #10 above.

EDIT: Are you coming to the Roundup?


XL please. Thanks!


Thanks Ric. They look great. Two shirts please...both XL for Ray and me.


I'll take a medium.

– Powertronman

Powertronman, can you please make sure Mark is aware of this?


Two L's for me and the Kidd ... Please


Lrg , please ... Is black an option?


Dear Ric, I sure hope you are having a better day than yesterday. LOL


Ah, Deed, every day that I am on this side of the dirt is a good day for me .

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