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Brooklyn Roundup: Details and Cool Changes!


Hey, everyone,

I am excited to make two announcements regarding the Brooklyn Roundup, and I'm confident you will like them.

Announcement #1: we're moving it! But not far, and to a great place, very amenable to Roundup activities. Belongs to a friend:

The Brooklyn Firefly, at 7003 3rd Avenue, about a mile up from Streetsounds.

What are these amenities?

A stage
A PA system already in place
A restaurant
A bar

And who is this friend who owns this fine establishment? His name is Michael McLeer. You are more likely to know him by his... aaah, professional name: Mr. Kaves (or simply Kaves), the graffiti artist who applied his touch to a special run of Gretsches a few years back (see photo!). So he's part of the Gretsch family.

We will pretty much have the run of the joint throughout the day, and you will, of course, be able to enjoy the food (they specialize in pizza) and the potables while you're having a grand time Rounding up.

Now, if you are slightly disappointed by this development because you were looking forward to a shopping and ogling adventure at Streetsounds––we have you covered! We're still working out details, but we're planning a shuttle to make a few trips between the two places.

And here's Part 2 of this announcement: because our Mr. Kaves is generously opening his establishment up to us, many of our event expenses are zeroed out. So there will be no admission fee! You'll be on your own as far as food and drinks go, but we've put you in a good eatery (and others are nearby) for the event.

Here's the web site: Link

It's still all day on Saturday, April 14. Figure us to start early (maybe 10:00 AM?) at Streetsounds and move to the Firefly between 11:00 AM and noon.

Let's fill this joint up and rock it hard, folks!



Brooklyn pizza? Gretsch guitars? Great Gretsch guitars Batman, we've been out done! To the bat cave Robin, we're going to Brooklyn.


That looks like it is going to be an amazing event!

There is just one problem: has anyone worked out a way I can be in two places at once?


I have not really been on the site much in the past month(except today) but I just saw this and WOW is this cool!!! I will most certainly be there and can't wait. And yes, I will be eating and drinking mass quantities!!!


I interviewed Mr. Kaves at NAMM in 2014, and IMO he is one cool dude.


Hey Paul, is there an itinerary/schedule and other details posted anywhere yet? I need to get some travel booked, and was kinda looking for a one-shot summary. I've seen posts, but nothing with all the details. Apologies if I just overlooked it.


Hey, Tim,

It's slightly scattered, but here's what it looks like right now:

DATE: Saturday, April 14, 2018

LOCATION: Mostly at The Brooklyn Firefly, 7003 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

TIME: From sometime in mid-morning until we just can't go any more, much like the Balto-DC Roundup. The likelihood is we'll have a shuttle for those interested who want visit Streetsounds before the Roundup itself opens its doors. The "official" Streetsounds visit figures to be from 10:00 AM until about 11:30 AM. Then the shuttle will transport everyone to The Brooklyn Firefly, about one mile north of Streetsounds. We'll carry on there until it's over (8:00ish? Remember: it's a restaurant/bar, so sticking around longer for dinner and drinks could make for an unofficially long day!)

ACTIVITIES: The usual jamming, communal hobnobbing, giveaways, etc. The stuff you remember from your Balto-DC Roundup experience will be in Brooklyn.

The reason for the shuttle and somewhat structured visit to Streetsounds is because of the parking difficulty in that area. We have not yet figured out exactly what approach to take, but we don't want to put people in the position of having to find parking twice. Once sucks enough! Streetsounds will be open at its customary hours, so if one wanted to go on one's own at a different time than the morning run, clearly one could do so. And, for the hardy walkers among us, it is just a mile away––a 20-minute hike. A mile isn't an expensive cab ride, either.

What else can I tell you that you need to know?



At last, a Roundup in my home borough! I’ll bring some cool guitars.


Another Roundup I wish I could attend. Sounds like it will be an amazing time!


Another Roundup I wish I could attend. Sounds like it will be an amazing time!

– Windsordave

Ya know, Dave, I could be mistaken, but I have heard that there is another Roundup down the coast from you a bit. But, certainly within reasonable air fare of you.

Just sayin'.


In case you missed it in the other thread: the pins arrived today!



So is facebook the only place for updates?


Ok! Hope you folks had fun.


I left early and only took a few pics.


There we go! Thanks. Anyone win anything fun?


Hopefully someone else took more pics. Beautiful day, good time.


There we go! Thanks. Anyone win anything fun?

– Suprdave

I saw on the other thread that nielda won a white falcon rancher. I left before this and don’t know who else won. I kept my loosing streak in tack.

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