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Balto-DC Roundup Closes Up Shop


If I remember correcly the first Balto roundup was also my first roundup. I think I missed maybe two or three since then. Paul, you got me addicted to these events and I thank you. I'm sorry to see it end. Pretty soon my Grumpfest will morph into the North East PA roundup and I'll be calling you for advice.

Thank you for your humble hospitality, unforgetable entertainment and most memorable moments my friend.


Well I guess its the end of an era and perhaps a start of something new from Paul. Paul's was the first Roundup that I attended and the bug bit me. I always enjoyed my trek down to Baltimore every year, now what will I do at the end of March? I try and make the East coast events, if they're driving distance I'm in. Perhaps this will give me a chance to make it further West. Totally agree with the organizers that these events are busy and at times stressful, but I've built a good group of people I can count on and that has made my event that much easier to pull off. I think my Roundup here in Canada is a solid 10 or 11 on the Roundup Charts. Thanks for those who have mentioned it in their posts. I'm not ready to do my best James Brown impersonation yet, a la Curt's post. So those who haven't made it up North here, get a passport and get up here! Cheers to you Paul and I must say I'm sad to see you aren't going through with another one in Baltimore. Well someone has to do one in Jersey or something so I can catch up with my East coast Gretsch buddies!


One other question, from Proteus:

"Are there any specific reasons that you feel it's 'run its course'?"

Yes: It ran its course in my head. My brain recoils against repetition. Really.

As for the history of Roundups: one of the first was held in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was about the size of the first Philly-area-industrial-park get-together, and I think it happened not long after the first Nashville. And a Roundup was tossed in a college theatre facility in Philadelphia. That's where most of us met Buddy Mercury. I also had to smuggle Spud in. That was, I believe, in 2009, before the first Balto-DC.

A few Gretsch-Talk guys have organized events, but they call them some Compton-bridge pale-imitation name... I forget what it is.

I appreciate the kind words about Balto-DC, folks! It feels like the work really paid off.



Yes Paul, the work paid off in a big way. Many of us have met lifetime friends at Balto and that has made our lives better. Thank you sir.


Curt, the first California Roundup was on October 25-26, 2008, a matter of about four months after the first Nashville Roundup. Every year since, we have held it in September, usually the second weekend. Where that puts us in the chronological order, I am not quite sure.

– Ric12string



Sad to hear the news of the last Balto-DC Roundup. I'm sure members here appreciate all the hard work You put into it, and all the East Coast guys are sure going to miss it.

I always dug looking at all those cool pictures of those big vinyl records and the Go-Go dancers. That Yuuge Trademark L.P. was unmistakable for Balto-DC.


Oh I think it's a pity but you did organize a good Roundup, Paul. I still have a pin!


If you want or need help for anything in the future paul, please count me in.


I was sorry to read this but fortunately read your new post about the Brooklyn Roundup and feel better already.

All roundups are good. My first was at the Auction House but one of my wildest memories was my first Balto-DC Roundup where a certain individual almost did a Townsend act with my 5125!

Other fun memories will go in the memories thread (great idea Dave).


Thanks, Paul, for all the great memories and for allowing me the opportunity to make new friends and surf collaborations with Mark Hempel, Brian66, David Burch, Henry Lingenfelder, and Joe Carey (forgive me if I've forgotten anyone). I've attended every Baltimore Roundup since 2010 - always a great time. Having had such a wonderful experience in Balitmore, I've ventured out to the Nashville Roundup a few times (this year I brought my better half, Shannon). We're heading back to Nashville next year but 2018 sure won't feel the same without the great time at the Baltimore Roundup.

Thanks again for a great ride, Paul!

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