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Balto-DC Roundup 2017––Coming Up Soon


What a blast!! The day was so incredibly worth the 24 hour plane flight to get here. It was great to put names, actual bodies, and handshakes to people I've spoken to/with for many years.

The great Gretsch Giveaway lived up to its name and prestige. Congratulations to all the winners, and to thanks to Joe Carducci for being such a great guy.

Paul/FF09 - I can't thank you enough for organising today's event, and for providing me such great conversation over the last eight years that has made me want to attend a Roundup. I'm really glad I - along with my non-guitar playing other half - did attend!! Now to plan for the next trip across ...


Good times! Thanks to Paul, Joe C, Rocky and especially the Chuck Berry tribute band. Lots of good people there. No point naming everyone and skipping someone, but as has been said before, people really need to get to a round up to enjoy the most out of this place.


Man, that looked like a blast. Next year for sure!


Great time yesterday! Thanks to Paul for putting together another great Roundup, and to Joe C. for his support of this event- you are the man, and were laying down some great picking! Thanks also to Rocky and Steve- sorry about the traffic jams!
Sorry I did not get to say good bye to everyone (Neal had to get home to feed his starving cats. Ha!). Was very cool to see and meet Adsy81 (sorry was late in the day when we got to chat) - safe travels! Tons o' fun! Cheers!


Looking great. Didn't know Michelle Marie was making the trek. Crowbone with a Roundup or a Solid Body? Miss Y'All. Rock on.

– Olivia Anne

That was Ryan's Roundup.

It's chambered, and pretty darn light. I was playing through Pat's Swart amp, directly in, and man, that sounded great to my ears.

Always good to see everyone, including meeting Adsy all the way up from down under. New and old faces had a good time.


Baltimore is fun


had a great time

thanks for allowing me to play.

good to catch up with folks

best jacket has to go to the guitar player from chelsea graveyard


Awesome light fest. Terrific street music at inner harbor.


Real sorry l had to miss this, I'm sure it was a rockin' event for the masses!


This looks really good! Congrats with this Roundup!


Looks like a lot of fun! I hope to make it there some day too!


Lost and Found has a jacket! If it's yours or you know to whom it belongs, let me know.


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