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6th Annual Great White North Roundup 2018


Check out the happenings section and make sure to mark down if your are coming to the event I'll cut and paste what I put down in the happenings section here

The 6th annual Great White North Roundup is happening on May 12, 2018. The gates open at 11 am so get there early for a good seat. Admission will be $20 and that will get you some event swag, lunch and a full stage set up to play. Just bring your guitar and get up on stage and play a tune, there will be a sound man you can tell that you need more monitor because you can’t hear yourself sing. There will be branding of the mighty G on a nice piece of Canadian pine, one more to add to your collection. The menu will consist of burgers and hot dogs and whatever my Mom whips up for salads. There will be some old favorites and I’m thinking a new salad or two. I almost forgot there will be cookies……. The man the myth the legend Mr. Joe Carducci will be at the show officiating the pick drop ceremonies and answering any of your Gretsch Guitar questions or guitar questions in general. So make sure to save the date, make the scene, bring a guitar and first and for most have good time with some friends that you see once a year! See you all in May Ryan Message me if you need anymore info on the event

I'm thinking I'll do shirts again this year but I need an idea on numbers, I want to make sure that I get enough sold to cover the cost. Have a look at the poster and the shirt and let me know what you think

If anyone has any questions email @ rcosta67AThotmaildotcom

Thanks Ryan


And here are the shirts let me know what you think, Small through Extra Large will be $20 sizes above that will be $25 and there will be a long sleeve option that will be $27.50 and that is Small to Large also any other sizes in long sleeve will have to priced. I will ship these shirts for $10 postage. I accept paypal for payment Special ordered sizes will have to be paid for prior to me receiving the shirts from the printers. Thanks for your support


Hate to miss out this year, Brother.

It's a hoot to "take off to the Great White North" and you always throw a grand party!


Hate to miss out this year, Brother.

It's a hoot to "take off to the Great White North" and you always throw a grand party!

– Crippled Lion

Don’t worry there is always next year Michael.


Have a great time!!!

– paul pigat

We will Paul, you have to come back one of these years


We are coming. Put us down for two triple x's


May I have a downloaded poster please?


May I have a downloaded poster please?

– Munman

Sure Dave, send me an email atrcosta67AThotmailDOTcom and I’ll forward you an image


Another grand party I can't attend.

– Windsordave

Come on Dave you must be able to find a cheap flight here, you are missing out I tell you


I know, I know!! and it kills me every year. It isn't just the flight Ryan, I have a lot of work on the go with no one to take care of it when I'm not around. One year though....

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