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2nd Annual So Cal Grestch Jam ,July 28, Fontana Ca.


2nd Annual 2018 So Cal Gretsch Jam

Announcing the 2nd Annual So Cal Gretsch Jam , Saturday July 28th. A One Day Event of non-stop music and fun for aficionados of the “G” Brand and all things Gretsch.

The Event will once again be held in the Beautiful City of Fontana Located 45 minutes East of Los Angeles at the American Legion “Steel Town” Post #772. The American Legion is located near Downtown Fontana and we will once again have full use of the Venue with the Music Hall, a real Bar area with reasonably priced beer, and an outside Patio. If you were there last year you know that the Legion personnel were very accommodating and they are eager to have us back for more Music. This is a ONE day Event so we will be getting an early start with music and fun continuing untill we run out of songs to play, or the sun comes up, whichever comes first. There is no closing time for this Event and we can play as long as we please. There is plenty of room to display your Gretsch guitars and Amps, and the Venue had very good acoustics so the Sound was very good. If you want to play your guitars with other people that love Gretsch Guitars, this is the place.

Since this is not a multi day “Roundup” We are having food served by the Legion Staff at the Event which will consist of a complete Steak and potato Dinner with all the fixins’, including desert. No need to leave and miss out on any of the music and activities. If You ask anyone that was at The Jam last year the meal alone was worth the price of admission.

EXCITING NEWS!! This year we will be Honored to have in our presence the One and Only, Joe Carducci ! The “Man” when it comes to anything and everything Gretsch Guitars. If you don’t know or you have never met Joe you are in for a treat. As one of the Driving forces behind the Gretsch Company, His knowledge and “hands on” on creating the guitars we Love are second to none. Besides that, Joe , is one of the Coolest people you will ever get a chance to meet.

The Event Plan will go as follows, Doors open at 9 AM with load in and set up of our equipment, The music will officially kick off at 11 AM. We will take a break and Dinner will be served at approx. 5:30 PM. If you’ve been to one of The Roundups, Joe Carducci usually gives a small Presentation on Gretsch and will interact with the Attendees on our favorite subject, Gretsch Guitars. I’m not 100% sure, and its not set in stone but we might have one of Our own local Pedal Builders available to Demonstrate his latest Wares. (maybe) . Afterwards the P.A. and Amps will fire up again and we can get back to doing what we love best, Play Music!

Frank Giffen will be supplying the P.A. system once again, and I will bring along a drum kit for everyones use. All you need to do is bring your guitars, pedalboard and an Amp. Last year we had plenty of amps to choose from so if you decide to leave your amp at home it shouldn’t be a problem plugging into some good equipment. Hopefully Giffens buddy Ben will join us again as he Drummed all day and held the Beat for hours. If anyone has a drummer friend to bring along it is highly encouraged, actually, friends and family are all invited to come as well.

If you have never been to A Roundup or last years Grestch Jam, There is no pressure to play, there is no set list , No time structure or music schedule , no “type” of music is shunned, Whatever and however you wanna play is encouraged. Everyone is invited and encouraged to grab a guitar and play,,NO Pressure. Last year we had a few players that rarely played in a Band environment join Us, and all the feedback I received was great.

The Cost of this years Event is the same as last year, $ 25.00, IF you Pre Pay.

Pre Payment is highly encouraged as last year we had a few Steak dinners left over due to some no shows.

DAY OF EVENT, Cost at the Door charge will be $35.00.

You can P.M. Me and I will gladly give you a PAYPAL address to Prepay for Your Jam Entrance. Or pay at the Door the day of . RSVP and Pre Payment is highly encouraged so that Everyone has a Dinner for the Event.

The American Legion is a Veterans Organization that serves and supports its Members thru Fund Raising Events like The So Cal Grestch Jam. Sodas ,Beer and drinks are available for purchase at very reasonable rates in the Bar. ALL proceeds from this Event go back to the Legion .More Information will be Posted as I get it.

The American Legion “Steel Town” Post is Located at 16767 Spring St. Fontana California 92335 (909) 829-9490


This sounds perfect.

Really wish I could be there.


I showed up late last year and had a blast! Frank blew my mind with his stellar technique and feel. It was great to meet everyone and it was fun to hang out and jam.

Thanks Manny!


I have a Gut Feeling I will be back this year Manny.


Sounds like fun! Enjoy!


I plan on attending. I had a lot of fun at the one last year. Good people, food, and tunes.


RcktBrewMan and BuddyHollywood, we need to get you to come taste the Kool-Aid at a longer Roundup event too. I understand that RcktBrewMan has something new that he might want to show off a bit.


Door prize/raffle prize should be a 1978 TK-300.


Thanks guys for the great reviews of last years Jam session. I also had a very good time and was fortunate to meet and bond with some "new" cool dudes .

Looking forward to it again this year.


Working on a gig in Hollywood either the Friday before or the Sunday after, so, if I can swing by I will.


Sounds like fun! Its on my calendar! If I don't have a gig, I'll be there!


Looking forward to this event again this year, last year was a blast. Hopefully Ben can make it but I also have interest from Leapin' Lizards drummer and Electromatic owner Tom Murray, and the more drummers, the merrier. Besides the PA (enhanced this year with a new pair of QSC K-Subs), I'll bring my bass rig and both basses for some high end on the low end, so bass players are welcome (you don't hear that often, now do you?). The bar is literally right next to the room we'll be in so it couldn't be more convenient, and it's a full bar, if memory serves me correctly, and Manny's right, a great bunch of Legionnaires to hang out with.

Looking forward to having Joey C. there this year, it's gonna be a hoot!


It should be another Great time Frank. Hopefully Crowbone and Steve can come out and join Us.


CORRECTION, The American Legion Post is # 772. Thanks


Looking forward to the event. For those who are planning to attend, be sure to bring your lucky guitar pick as we will indeed be playing the "drop-your-pick-in-the-sound-hole" game for a chance to win cool Gretsch swag & guitars.


Looking forward to the event. For those who are planning to attend, be sure to bring your lucky guitar pick as we will indeed be playing the "drop-your-pick-in-the-sound-hole" game for a chance to win cool Gretsch swag & guitars.

– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars



If I can make it, can I bring a few of my friends?

They're not GDPers, but they're some players, for sure.


If I can make it, can I bring a few of my friends?

They're not GDPers, but they're some players, for sure.

– crowbone

Bring as many as you want,everyone is welcome,,besides its not their fault theyre not addicted to the GDP.yet. lol


I've got to see how summer pans out, but I'm going to try to make it.


I've got to see how summer pans out, but I'm going to try to make it.

– Mel Waldorf

It would be great if you made it out, Always cool having Mel around. But I know that its a long drive ,maybe you can carpool with someone nearby. Either way,My house is always open to you on Sunday to stay a bit longer and play some more.

BTW, I still have to send that email pic that we spoke about .


Giving this a Bump.

The "Great Gretsch JAM" is 3 months away.

Mark your calendars and make your plans because its going to be a Blast. I have a few Non GDP players coming out as well. If your coming out, make sure you mark yourself as "Going" on the Events Page please.


I marked myself. I will have a +1 as well


So the "Great" So Cal Gretsch Jam is 2 months away and Im happy to announce we have T Shirts available for the Event.

Our very own Vince Ray has come up with a cool little design for Our shindig and I wanted to give some details.

The Shirts are Black with the design on the Back, the front pocket area will have a small SoCal Gretsch Jam logo, same as last years shirts. The price will be $15 at the Event. Not bad huh? If you want one PLEASE Msg me and let me know. As this year I will only print up what is ordered.

If you are not going to the Event and You want one I will pack em' up and have it shipped to you for only $20 total.

Please RSVP for The Jam if you havent already and put your name down on the Happenings Event page.


That is a sweet designed tee, Manny. I will be contacting you to order one.

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