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2020 California Gold Rush Roundup — Save The Dates!!


Because there were some who weren't able to attend this year's Roundup because they had scheduling conflicts, I am putting the dates of the 2020 Roundup out right now so that you can mark it on your calendar. We want you at the 2020 Roundup!

So, next year's Roundup will be September 11-13, 2020.

Calendar these dates right now before you forget to do it.


So, who brought a Bikini double neck? And what's a Jazz bass doing in the pix --


Rocky is a rather large guy...plays Bass quite well, too.

You take it from him!

Thankfully Proteus didn't wear the Bikini, but he kinda threatened...

So, next year's weekend is my Anniversary....hmmm.....Bye, Honey...


2020 will be the Thirteenth NorCal RoundUp --- does "Lucky 13" sound like a good theme/title?


13 years? A very Gretsch Bar Mitzvah! Ok, maybe Lucky 13 is a better idea... :)


Oh man. The Rocking Bar Mitzvah, or Today We Are a Man

How could it get better?


Thanks for putting this out so early, makes trying to lock it down a lot easier!


Thanks for putting this out so early, makes trying to lock it down a lot easier!

– Bonedaddy

Does this mean that you will be making an effort to travel from hurricane central to join your old pals in California again?


Jeez, Bob --- we KNOW we're gettin' old. Do you have to rub it in, by cracky?


It's now a blackout date(s) on my gig calendar. There will be no conflicts.


I kind of like the idea of a 50's theme for the next Roundup: Chuck Berry, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Bo Diddley, Ricky Nelson, Duane Eddy, etc, etc.


Geez. Talk about being pro-active. Good on ya, Bob.


Since I posted mine up today, I thought I'd give Ric12 a bump.

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