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2017 Gold Rush Roundup Registration Thread!


Still needing a couple more powered monitors. Anybody?

I've got a couple of QSC K8s that should do nicely. If I can fit 'em in the car.

– giffenf

Frank, those will be ideal as the rest of the system is K10s and K12s.


Well, hot diggety dog, sounds like a winner. Maybe I can strap them to the roof rack on Karen's car if need be (I know she'd love that).


Gonna haul along some junk for you guys to muck around with.


So Proteus, I had this set up going this afternoon to test run the LWSC (light weight speaker cab). Checking for rattles, buzzes, etc. Holy smokies! I've rewired this old PA amp into a 5C3 circuit and it really made the speaker sing.

I can't wait to see what the MicroBlock sounds like.


Yessir, me too neither. I'm counting on you to tell it straight.

Also - nother wrinkle. I'd be interested to know how the MicroBlock (or other small power amp) and yon lightweight speaker cab would work to amplify the output from a recording-quality interface hosting iOS guitar modeling rigs.

I guess that's a question about how "flat" in response it is - or maybe how truly "amplike" such a combination would make the modeling rig "feel." Maybe someone has a modeling something at the Roundup (POD, preamp, etc) which could be tested therethrough.


I'm sure Frank will have the equipment and experience to make such a call. Just not sure the venue is the place to replicate a studio environment.


Oh, the solution isn't intended for studio use - it just uses a good quality interface between iOS device and amp. It's intended for live playing.


Ain't got much in the way of iOS-based music production gear. I do have a Boss GP-10 guitar processor which does guitar, effect, and amp modeling that I use a lot. If you don't mind going old-school, I could see whether my VG-99 will fit in the car, but it doesn't sound like that's what you're after. Wellsir, it's a little after 7am, Let's get ready to hit the road!


I have a Pod and a Tech21 modeling amp I can bring.


Bring the POD. More people are familiar with that than most any other modeler.


You can bring the Tech 21, too, if you like.


Guess I'm driving the Suburban.


That must be a really big POD.

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