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WTB ‘50s Gretsch Tweeter


I need a replacement tweeter for my Gretsch 6162 Dual Twin amp. A '50s Rola would be great, but any Jensen, Utah, Permoflux, etc. 4 inch 8 ohm speaker with similar appearance to the Rola would be fine. I found a California vintage speaker dealer who had one like I needed, but unfortunately his business burned up in the last big wild fire.


Look for old '50s AM radios. Might find some decent tubes as well.


Let me see what I have. 4" pretty big for a tweeter? I just have a 3.5" Utah... but it does not look very robust;


A proper tweeter from that era would be a cone, but it would have a sealed basket. It's more of a midrange speaker than a tweeter. The 4" size is correct.


I found an almost perfect Motorola 4" 8 ohm speaker on eBay. It dates from 1960 and has a gold tint to it, but it works fine. I'll still look for an original Rola, but for now the Motorola works fine.


The original Rola was long gone when I purchased the amp in '87. It had been replaced with a 4"X 6" elliptical speaker by it's previous owner.

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