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what kinda 8


Well decided to keep the Gadabout (at least until an offer comes in and just use for our lo-volume rehearsal w/ reverb sittin' on top It has the original 1965 Jensen you see here... that all black era. I guess it's 4 ohms like most solid state.

What new speaker would have more lo-end....I am sure 25 watts is lowest power rating these days which is of course more than this little primitive little box puts out. Pretty big magnet on this original Jensen for what this amp is.

There's Weber, Modern-world Jensen, Eminence... all the name we know But if anyone has make/mode of an 8 they think is lo-end oriented, even if not all that efficient, do put in your 2 cents.

Thanks --


i haven't heard it, but Celestion makes an 8" speaker, and their speakers are noted in general for low-end punch. i have a reissue Jensen ceramic 8" in a small amp and can testify that it kicks butt, but can't really say it's low-end oriented. depends on your opinion on Jensens, i guess.


I am ok w/ any Jensen -- but now that you mention it someone else had also said Celestion was lo-end oriented. maybe will troll for that soon -- thanks,


The blue speaker that's in my Vox Pathfinder makes a nice big sound. I tried stuffing a Jenson 10" in there and it became super-bright and the bottom end fell I put the 8" back in.


I’m currently running this WGS in the Champ Ethan just built for my son.Also have a stock Weber/Fender speaker for it but this little dude is a honker.

– Michael Williams

I'll second that! I put this speaker (16ohm) in my Vox ac4tv mini, replacing the 6.5" and it sounds awesome!


For me stuffing 10s into Thomas Vox Patfhinders (ask Powdog) was a winner but the Modern World ones could be different

Ok so I checked this Jensen and it's 8 ohm! Maybe not original after all? Its dated '65 -- I didn't think Valco had any solid state going until '67.

I guess I can check the online catalogs here or somewhere and see what the earliest year is for Gadabout. So far have not been able to find a dated schematic either, and I have looked.

Maybe this will sound better with a 4 ohm. Will keep interested parties informed.


going for the Celestion 8, 8 ohm these were


Peavey has some awesome 8" speakers in their little keyboard amps. MODs are also good.

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