Gretsch Amps

What amp is this? ???


Hi all. Could someone tell me the model of this amp? Thx


Front view


Looks like a mid 60’s 6161. Look on the bottom of the cabinet, inside, just behind the lower rear panel. 9 pin power tube sockets, likely ran the same 6973 tubes as the Valco model 6424. Good price?


Thx guys! Much appreciated


Hey Jah! Tell us more. Are you buying it or just saw it at a flea market, or what? You can't just leave us hangin'

Oh, and welcome aboard.


I still say that era Valco is just a rung or two under Fender of same era (except for the reverb) given it's fully tweaked. Intense Black Panel Dudes might disagree, but I am so into these I might troll for one of these freaky clean ones that turn up sometimes, and while they are no longer the giveaways they used to be, still a good value for the price. Would have to be a smaller single speaker model tho.


Like comparing Gretsch Dynas to Fender single coils. The low B+ filtering and ceramic coupling caps give the 60’s Valcos their own unique sound.


I've got a 6150T that I picked up about 10 years ago, it's awesome, I picked up a matching reverb unit (which isn't quite a Fender tank).


I don't know why I can't post a photo!


These amps get serious love on the latest rig rundown:


Just good stuff from back then... I think around '67 Valco went pretty big on solid state and didn't last much longer than that. Toast by '69?


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