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Variety Amp Very Cool eh?


It's not so terribly heavy - but its height makes it bulky for an old short weak guy to carry. I have to carry most amps at the full extension of my arm: can't lift them one-armed for long. Have to lean over to carry the Variety.

Also bear in mind the impressions are from my particular point of view (or hearing), describing how they respond to the way I play. I have used them both at jamming/gig volume, but I'm still more of a clean than cranked player. A different player, using his characteristic settings, might give a different report on them.


Well for me Tim, I'm only interested in the clean aspect of the sound/tone so your impressions are spot on for my interests. Don't think I'll get to play through a Variety with them being so rare so hearing from someone that has is enlightening. Thanks again.


I must say the sound of Victoria amps is very good, but the effects often have problems.

I got two of them. The Executive and the Regal both have a bobbing motorboat tremolo. You can still hear the pulse at depth 0. That is a bias problem.

The Regal 2 I have, is a prototype which makes a wrong halt when you stomp the trem in order to stop it. It will halt in whatever phase the trem was at the moment you stopped it. I asked Mark to send me the schematic to solve this. No schematic.

The Executive has the notorious "pedal error" in the reverb, where one or two mistakes were made in hooking up the core and mantle of the pedal cable. This means it is connected like the opposite of hum bucking. A freaking antenna for EM filth in the air. BZZZZZZ!

The tremolo of the Variety can be seen as grabbing the bass and treble knob of your stereo and turn those back and forth all the time. The sound swings from dark to bright in stead of louder and softer. That also causes something called phase shift which adds a swirly component to the sound.


Joe Carducci told me that he has the fix for the Executive trem pop problem. Might email him for the fix schem.


Joe Carducci told me that he has the fix for the Executive trem pop problem. Might email him for the fix schem.

– Powdog

Do we have a definitive solution to the problem of the popping tremolo button, Powdog? I know that there have been discussions, and things have been posted on this site as well as others discussing this problem, but has Mark Baier or anyone at Gretsch offered a definitive solution to this problem? I would really like to get mine fixed.

Honestly stated, it is a bit of a disappointment that these amps were sold in the marketplace with an obvious defect and that there has not been a rush to correct those problems by either Victoria or Gretsch. One would hope that they would be a bit more proactive on this issue than has been demonstrated to date. I would hope that, if they didn't resolve the issue for us, they would at least provide us a written description for how the problem may be addressed so that we can have a local amp tech try to fix it for us.

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