Gretsch Amps

Tone Divider


Recently I came across a Gretsch Tone Divider. Could not really make out the purpose? Any specialists of division and diversion here?


Would that be an early octave box kind of thing? In the 70s Gretsch amps were made by Kustom. Of course tone dividers were how 1960s transistor combo organs worked. But lots of goofy stuff was made in the 70s, even what Maestro was doing then.


Seems to be from 1960. possibly for wind instruments?


Has an output and additional ones marked tremolo and reverb. I though of an pre-amp, but the switches.....looks confusing, even for a horn player!


I think it's a 1970s thing, to be honest, or at least Baldwin era.


I think Selmer brass instruments had something similar. It enabled one instrument to have a wider range of tones.


I think I’ve seen this, it belongs to an amp and an accordion? No, that was something else. There were threads...

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