Gretsch Amps

This Gadabout is getting about


Well this just straggled in. Not working. The Safari was the more deluxe model with tone and trem. But runs on ac and also some obsolete battery.

I thought this would have been '67-68, last years of Supro say along w/ the big honkin 2-15 Nashville.

But the Jensen is a 65 -- I had seen one of these advertised as a 1965 and thought it had to be wrong, but it appears that was right. Gotta find a schematic for this.


It'll sound as good as a '60s transistor amp can. Good luck finding a battery for it. The portable aspect was the best thing about these.


Well I will just get it working on ac first.... battery not a huge deal. But it is light and clean shape. I know one tech who will take this one but he's going to be much happier if I can find a schematic. Looks like there was a similar one called Carousel


Well my guy got it working! It will be back soon.


Interested to hear how it sounds.


He says it's 5 watts thru the Jensen 8". He said it has one sound that is ok . I did not ask about cranked sound because as all know, I don't give a damn about cranked sound. Some dudes coming thru his shop were trying to buy the clean gold Gretsch knob off it(!) It goes with the amp whenever I decide to sell it. Shame to see so many Valco Gretsch amps with the Gretsch knobs hocked off them.

It was just some tiny circuit trace type of thing. Same thing happend years years ago when I got practically free a Thomas Vox Kensington Bass amp that had been cut down to a head. No sound. He had given up, then went to for a final pass it again was some tiny thing on the bottom of a circ. board.

If this was Valco, it was their first attempt at solid stage even before Thomas Vox came out. Then there was a last gasp of solid state Valco in 1968 with the big Gretsch Nashville and the like.

So it will back here next week. For now used with a Yamaha elec piano.


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