Gretsch Amps

The Gretsch / Kustom connection


I knew that Kustom made the 1970s Gretsch amps, but didn't learn til now that Kustom at some point in the 70s was acquired by Baldwin. So that's the reason it happened I guess.. maybe I am late to the par-tay and everyone knew this but I just noticed on some 70s Kustom literature I have .


In '68-9, Kustom also produced guitars---with DeArmond pickups and Cat's Eye soundholes.


Worst amp I ever owned was a Kustom Lead III

If Baldwin owned them in the mid seventies, that says a lot.


Who wants a 1979 Kustom Lead Series brochure There were about 4 in the Lead series.

That's where I got this info.

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