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The Executive has landed!!!


It arrived about ten minutes before I had to leave for work. I got it out of the box (packed very well), pulled all the paper and foam out of the back of amp and plugged her in. I only got about 2 minutes of play time dry without any pedals.

There is a certain clarity about this amp....helluva low end thump. I'm liking it. I'll report back when I get a little more time with her.


Someone is going to have a very tonefull weekend.

Play it in excellent health! Joyful noise and all of that...


After you've had time to dial in the sounds you like, can we hear some sound samples from this new amp?


I'll work on sound samples. Plan to do a YouTube video as well.


Right On!, Tim!

Glad it ll came in and so quickly!

Send us a sound clip or so :)

I think you'll be very happy with this Amp :)

It's got power up the ying yang too ,,,

Seems a lot more then what they say it is ,,, Really delivers!


I'll look forward to hearing some sounds from you. Congratulations on the new tone machine.


Thankyou, DrGretsch!

I cant wait to spend a little more time!

I'm not sure my Tascam recording interface/GarageBand will do much for this amp as far as sound clips...we shall see.


Oh boy! Are you in for a treat. Those amps just sing. I am envious.


The Executive is a great amp, congrats.


Okay so I'm doing something that would not be advisable for most...taking this amp for an out of town gig with only plugging into it for a couple minutes...

I can't resist!!!


Best wishes and good luck with your Executive. They are truly fine amps -- it's a shame they are not still part of the Gretsch fleet.


The amp did fantastic! There was a little bit of crackle in the speaker for the first couple minutes but it seemed to go away. I got the bite, thump and growl with all the clarity I could ever possibly want.

I did an entire set with a 1953 Les Paul. I was in a state of complete bliss...

Details in the link below.

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