Gretsch Garage Sale

Danelectro DC12 ~~~ SOLD thanks!


Purchased new in 2011. Played very little. Left the house once for band practice but decided not to use it. Guitar is stored in room w/ humidifier (when needed) and AC which are monitored. It's in great shape w/ nice low action. Excellent set-up by Rainbow guitars in Tucson - an additional $80 value.

Serial # 1012S00151 ---------------- $300 shipped w/in conUSA


Both guitar and case are like new. There is one small mark on the top of the neck just behind the 14th fret (see picture below)


Here's the mark/scratch. barely visable


Last one, of the headstock. Let me know if you have any questions.


What are you asking?

– crowbone

haha! ooppps :)

$300 shipped within Con US.

I'll add it up top too. Thanks for your interest.


wow good deal…shipped/gig bag..nice!

gonna go

ric 12's are gold..dano's silvery bronze (and at a discount)



These are really nice guitars and that's a great price. You can't tell from the photos, but there are separate saddles for each string.


1-3/4" at the nut too - nice and wide. Not skinny like a Ric!


Still up for sale. Thanks for checkin' er out :)


Someone needs to buy this guitar. I would if I didn't already have one. Great 12 string tone. Check out this video....

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