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small time parts weasel fesses up


Well I have cracked on the parts biz where a clean and complete vintage guitar is stripped of parts, and then the forlorn 'husk' (industry term) is sold off. At least with Gretsch it's often done w/ less sought after models, like Viking or Tennessean

Well after I blew in so much on this Gadabout, temptation took hold to at least pay for the new speaker which makes it sound much better.

So I weaseled off one of the two Brooklyn-Chicago name plates seen on Gretsch cases, and even the headstock of the 6070 bass (!) I think they are riveted on the cases tho.


So, what’s the back story on this?


So this is a confession?


Let me get this straight- a desirable part was removed from an equally desirable case?

Must be more to this...


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