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Setzer with a Supro?


I get it. Clean but dirty, dirty but clean. As such as I like my supro, I'm not wild about that molten valco sound that everyone seems to regard as the Jimmy Page thing. And the array of supro-esque pedals give me the creeps. So I end up with my supro on a cleanish setting (and damn loud) and use a light overdrive pedal to add some grit. Plus this makes me think of that Young Guitar article from Japan where Brian is demoing his guitar collection through a valco amp. You can see him going 'whoooaa' a couple of times as the amp starts to blow a blood vessel.

I could listen to you talk about amps all day Tavo


gibson ga-50 or 50t(rem)..

The Gibson GA-50T amplifier was one of Gibson's big post-WW2 amplifiers, introduced in the closing days of the 1940s. As an upgrade from the 25-watt GA-50, the GA-50T added a tremolo circuit. The GA-50 and GA-50T use a pair of 6L6 tubes for the output stage, two 6SJ7 (three for the T model) for the preamp, two 6J5s for the phase splitter, and a 5V4 tube for the rectifier. The amp has one microphone and three instrument inputs on two channels, with two volume controls, bass and treble controls. This all passes out through two speakers - a 12 inch and an 8 inch




We believe he was 100% Yoko'd into doing this song.

– Rockahippy

Yup, he had to lypsync. I dont get it, but for tv. Oh well,,,,,,,,,


What's He got sitting up on top, an old Echo Plex?



I am not mistaken, Here is the exact same Valco Amp as the Supro Thunderbolt in a different Cabinet configuration, maybe a few years later than Brian's, but same deal Valco made a lot of these as Bass Amps, which were then badged by other Company's I have the 1966 Monkey Ward "Kustom Craft" version Fixed up and customized by BZ for Me, It Honks pretty good, came to me with an open back and a 15 inch CTS, but my Drummer was always complaining about Me rattling his Snare chains, so I almost completely covered up the back and put in an old Jensen 15, now its a bit more "tame"


What's He got sitting up on top, an old Echo Plex?

– 949Norm

Setzer is famous for using an RE-301 Roland Space Echo..


Back in the 90s I was buying and selling used mesa amplifiers and while the dual rectos ended up becoming uber metal head and screamo amps of choice, they're actually AMAZINGLY versatile and toneful for any kind of music if set up well. I used EL34 Svets in mine instead of the stock 6L6's and in particular I had a cab they put out for a short time called the 4x8x12(something like that) and it was a very compact ext cab that featured a 12" vintage 30 in the middle with four 8" speakers around it. They billed it as a "410 on steroids" and for me it made the tonal versatility of the tremoverb head I had, exponentially better. I never really liked the high gain sound of mesa, so I set the amp very clean and relied on 2 tubescreamers in series I'd modded. ..going off on a memory lane tangent. The point is that this cab design had all the great attributes of a 212 cab but provided some of that forward honk of a 10" speaker cab for a hollowbody without that 410 stigma of clinical high end and upper mids that tire your ears out.,,,because they were 8" celestions. I also had for a short time a Fender custom shop designed two tone Blues Junior w a 12" x10", not a great amp but looked cool and the speaker cab had a leaner meaner response than your typical open back 212 cab. So a cab w an 8" and a 12" would be a great compliment to my Blondeshell, especially w an Octal preamp creating more of a vintage late 40's tweed pro character while not losing what a 6G6-B does for a hollowbody, keeping the low end tight and woody instead of wooly but giving the texture n signature reedy growl of all those old R&B recordings. I think Mr Setzer likes exactly that but probably fights between a molten Supro response and the gentleman response of the Bassman, he wants both. So do I but I dont really care for Supros as a clean amp.. I want to mix gibson and fender in a new way. I think Valco did a good job by mistake in some cases but those amps are all tin cans. I love my late 40s Magnatone and Epi Electar but they would explode if they fell out of the back of my wagon or the drummer tripped over them on stage.

– Rockahippy

I very much agree with everything you have said.

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