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Replacing oval speakers in a Valco Gretsch Amp (6161)


I love Valcos. Many early versions had the Rola oval speakers. No re-cone kits exist and there is nothing the same size (some close, but not exact). Additionally, those ovals are 4 ohms. With two, the Output Transformer is 2 ohm, plus it is riveted to one of the speaker frames in my 1957 6161 amp.

That's where the forum came in. Forum member Powdog recommended to me that I could use an output transformer from a 5E3 Deluxe since it is pretty close and is 8 ohm, making available speakers much more plentiful.

I removed the baffle with the ovals and the output transformer, made a baffle for the 12" speaker, attached the output transformer .... and my amp was sounding better than ever!


Sorry, couldn't get more than one photo to upload. Here is the original baffle, speakers and OT.


Clean work. I’m gonna start sending my cab repairs to you.


Clean work. I’m gonna start sending my cab repairs to you.

– Powdog

Be careful what you wish for!


Nice clean work, Ned!

– JBGretschGuy

Thanks, Josh! Your work to go through it and get everything square before dealing with the speakers made it possible ... I am really loving this amp!

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