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Dave, can you also please send the tremolo fix to me? Thanks.

– Ric12string

Hey guys . I’m the tech that Paul had his Gretsch modded.Here’s what I have done to Fender amps and the Executive. As for the Reverb,it was a hum issue, it was just a matter of moving a ground wire on the foot switch jack I believe. It has been a while ! There's a Fender service bulletin on this from way back.

The official Fender solution (Service Bulletin number 9) "The ticking caused by the Vibrato is caused by improper lead dress.

It can almost be "cured" by connecting a .01 mfd 600 volt mylar capacitor on the 10 meg ohm resistor in the vibrato circuit. this resistor is located on the parts panel. Remove capacitor across the 10 meg ohm resistor (old modification) if in place."

(That is, run the cap from the junction of the 10 meg resistor and the optoisolator to ground.)

"If this does not produce the desired results, then the leads should be dressed as follows and excessive lengths shortened.

  1. Dress the leads to the vibrato speed and intensity controls away from the tone controls and filter leads.

  2. "Bunch" the leads to the components on the parts panel which connect to the tube socket of the 7025 (12AX7) vibrato tube.


Terrific info Gary, thanks! I was going to suggest the fellows contact Paul for the in's & outs of the needed mods but you've done it nicely. I'm sure a few fellows have already printed out your details. I'll need to get my Exec to you in the not too distant future.


I have sent Gary an email offline, but thought that I would try to clarify something within this discussion thread for any other Executive owners.

My chief complaint about the Executive is that it audibly "pops" when I step on the tremolo switch while the reverb is already engaged. In his explanation above, Gary has referred to a "ticking", which almost makes me think that he is referring to the "pulsing" sound at higher volumes when the tremolo is engaged. But, this is definitely different than the "popping" when the tremolo switch is employed.

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