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Oval speakers?


So what did you decide to do?


Customer decided to go with 47 6" x 9"s....on order. Hopefully they'll arrive soon.


Please post your take on how they sound.


Okay, so that's really not what I was trying to hear. I've got a 1956 Western Cowboy I've had since about 1975, when I got it and like a '59 Supro single cutaway for my 8th birthday. I'd been starting to look at restoring it, my stepdad refurbished it about 3 years after I got it, for a present, and its gotten kicked around for 30 years. Yeah, I know, I just nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I started poking around for parts and saw an intact one for sale. In any event, I've got a torn cone, one of the ovals. I haven't had a real good look, but I believe its only a nickel sized hole in the bottom of the one cone. Unfortunately, when he worked it over he removed all the original finish, so its now simply a stained wood cabinet. I'd have to try to replace tolex, dustscreen, trim, handle, all of it. Is is worth it to restore it back to original? Is is even possible?


Photos of what you're trying to do would be helpful!


In this day of 3d printing, would it be possible to make an adaptor that would mount the 6x9 into the cab?


Easier (and cheaper) just to make an adapter plate out of 3/8 or 1/2” plywood. Or make a new baffle and install a 12.

The original speaker cones, Tolex and grille are all unobtanium. If the amp and cab are solid there are plenty of alternatives that look great, definitely worth restoring.

Check out the V47 website for ideas.


Output impedance is 1.6 to 2 ohms. That makes it hard to match a single round speaker. You can mount a pair of 6x9s, but it's a PITA. You have to make adapters & then deal with the clips that hold them in.


Yea, another member here ran into the same problem. I sent him a 60s OT that had an 8 ohm secondary and he made a new baffle with a 12” cutout.

Instead of individual adapters you could just cut one piece of plywood, make the 6x9 cutouts and screw it to the inside of the existing baffle. Easy peasy.

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