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Hi Fellas, I have a `56 6161 Electromatic amp who is rated around 13 or 14 Watts. Now I have in comparsion an Excelsior. Now the Question to other owners: Is it just mine amp or are they in general more for homeuse than on stage? The Excelsior with also 14 Watts is terrible louder than the Gretsch Amp ??? BTW: mine is the one with the control panel standing upright in the back and the oval speakers!!! Thank you forward for your answeres


Yes mine is the same, not to awful loud but a great sounding amp as is. Think of it as a country amp.

 photo Djg2.jpg

The speakers limit it some. I put a speaker ext. Jack on mine so I can run it thru other cabs.

 photo Djg1.jpg


Hi Paul, thank you for the information. I´ve coppled mine with the Excelsior Speaker with no result on the output side. How do you handle the mismatch when another speaker is added ???? I agree and I love the sound of mine too. Really great oldschool sound. Here´s mine in it´s replic of the Cowboy case !!! I think it´s a real superb recording amp


I have a jack tapped off of the output trans so it bypasses the three speakers when I unhook them. You'd just need to becareful and always hook up a proper load to it.

I'll check you video out.


Those octal preamp tube amps are pretty low-gain. You'll never get much power out, and if you did you' puff those irreplaceable speakers. But they sound nice as-is!


OK that helps. I thought it was just mine and something is wrong with the curcuit. But as it is regular ,I don´t worry anymore. In the past I´ve done a wedding gig with it and a mic.It was enough for that place


JB is right as always!

Voodoo I enjoyed the video! Thnx for posting it. Micing it sounds like the way to go.

Your plugging into the "standard" input right?


Thanks for posting that picture, Setzer. Seeing that Jet of yours always makes my day. It's not just topped with gold, but with sheer awesomeness.


JB is right as always!

Voodoo I enjoyed the video! Thnx for posting it. Micing it sounds like the way to go.

Your plugging into the "standard" input right?

– Setzer

I´m using the Treble input ´cause the others are too bassy IMO and it gives a little more headroom before the amp goes into the crunchy section.Even it gives the guitarsound a little bit of that click-a-di-clack punch


My first amp was a 6163, the 15" version. It had the same vertical control panel in the rear. Never was a powerhouse amp compared to other 15 watters like an AC15. I ran a Farfisa thru it, so the input signal was stronger than a guitar's would be. I bought the Farfisa, and my Dad bought the amp---probably didn't pay more than $25 for it as his job at the Studebaker plant was going away.


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