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Anyone got $950k for a Strat?


I stopped by the newly opened GC in Times Square tonight. Saw this nice strat. I know some of you don't like the relic'd look but this one looked kinda nice.

Not for sale but apparently GC paid about $950k at auction for Blackie


No wonder GC is in financial trouble.


Add another probable 20% buyer fee and it's well over a million!


If I had $950K, it wouldn't be going towards a Strat.


I wonder if it came with a new set of strings? Sheesh, this is TOTALLY out of Control!


At least it's not locked away in a vault somewhere like SRV's.


Also worth noting is that the $960k raised went to Clapton's Crossroads Centre - the drug rehab center EC founded, so it was for a good cause.

For those on a tighter budget, I also saw this used Sparkle Jet, which played very nicely but was a little beat up


I used to head into the 14th St/Union Square store about once a quarter when we were in Lower Manhattan. I would tie it to a trip to the Greenmarket.

I think a good accountant made all this work.

They did make 100 Fender Custom Shop replicas, which all sold for $20,000 each.

Figure how to do a charitable donation for the goodwill over a real value at auction, then realize there is a residual value should it private sale or come up for auction again...

It's Big League money, but it makes sense. Not the root cause for financial probs at Guitar Center.

That is probably more related to borrowing too much and too costly capital.


My MIM parts-o-caster has better pickups and probably sounds better. Not sure about the playability though; mine could use a setup.


I'm one of what seems the minority here who love Strats & this is one of the most iconic. It's probably responsible for the sale of more Strats than any other single Strat. It has mojo!


This was the most valuable guitar ever when Scott Chinery bought it in the 1990s. Not sure what it's worth today but it's one of a kind.

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