Gretsch Amps

My Electromatic Dual Twin


I acquired this cool 1958 6162 Dual Twin (ser. no. T-2895) back in December '87 from Strings West in Tulsa, OK. It makes a great companion to my older Gretsches and still functions pretty well. Not bad condition either for a 56-year-old amp!


Here's the back. Really straightforward layout. Easy to use and great-sounding. This very amp is featured in Jay Scott's Gretsch book on pages 78 and 95.


That is clean!

I've been thinking about bringing the amps section back. Plate is a little full right now, but thinking.


Duojet55, you have some of the most amazing classic Gretsch gear that I have ever seen. I still love your 6070 bass with the cello pin.

Sure wish you could make it to the Nashville Roundup at least once. Would like to meet ya.


Thanks, Tartan, I'd love to meet you and all the cool folks here! I absolutely LOVE the Gretsch Pages and wish I'd had a forum like this when I first started. Of course there was no internet in the early '70s, so I had to rely on Guitar Player magazine and guitar books, most of which had minimal Gretsch info to share. The Gretsch people up in Cincinnati were really kind and helpful back then. They even sent me Xerox copies of a couple of their older catalogs. I'll see if I can swing a Nashville trip. It would be so great to be able to be among fellow Gretsch fanatics!


Tim, I was going to ask you about doing an amp section. A lot of us dig amps just as much as guitars and that would be great to be able to list our Gretsch amps just like the guitars.


I had it, but took it down due to lack of interest. Looks like the interest is rising though.


Nice piece of equipement; that backside really has mojo!


Close-up of the back panel.


Footswitch with it?


Unfortunately no, Paul. I had a wooden footswitch for my Fender Tremolux I used to use with it. Do you know what the Gretsch one would have looked like?


Paul, I was looking up old Gretsch footswitches and saw that you had made some. Do you still have any unfinished ones? I have a can of hammertone paint I used on an old RCA amplifier that looks like the finish on the original Gretsch pedal pictured above. If you had any already finished like that, that would be even better, but I can paint them. Let me know how much you want for one if still available. Even just the wood pedal body would be fine. I have a Carling switch and can fabricate the rest of it.


Yep I've still got a couple in various finished stages. I'll pull em and see what I've got.


Does anyone by chance have a schematic of this amp?


I reverse-egineered the circuit of Voodooholly's 6161 and posted the schematic on

Looking at the circuit again I see I made an error in tracing the tremolo oscillator section, but that's not really critical for the rest of the amp. The oscillator circuit and large parts of the 6161 are more or less identical to that of the National Tremotone.


Michiel, you, sir are a steely-eyed missle man! Thanks so much!


I bought a 6162 Dual Twin in 1966 Used ! It had 2 10" Jensens Reverb was in a cardboard box tank and the tremolo was surf's up hodad ! I kept it until 1972 and I now have a Fender 30 which is the closest to this I can get ! Loved my 6162 it would not break up at all so I bought a BossTone distortion walwart looking thing that plugged into my Sg 1 I also owned a Gretsch BST100 neck through solid body guitar with factory DiMarzio pickups !


A big thanx to Paul S. for the raw footswitch block and jackplate! I painted this with black wrinkle finish paint. A dpdt switch, four old slot-head screws, a thin stamped tuner grommet, old-stock silver cable and phenolic-cased 1/4" plug completed the pedal. I even glued a thin rubber pad to the bottom. It works like a charm and was a really quick, fun project!

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