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Looking for Tech info On Gretsch amp??


Is this agood site for tech info on a gretsch Amp? If not can someone direct me to a site or post link. I have an older amp, Electromatic that I need tech info on the amp section. thanks


If you can't find the info here, it simply isn't out there.


OK I'm trying to repair the tube amp section of an Electromatic. I'm not sure the amp section is original. It uses a 6C4 2 of them also a 6AT6. The output stage uses 2 6V6's and the power supply uses a 6X4. I will try to upload pics as soon as I can.


More Pics coming. Is there a way to upload more than 1 pic?


Looking for a schematic if someone can identify. If it is not the original would like to know what amp was with this.


Looks like a 1949/50 Electromatic Artist Model 6155. Different tube layout than the earlier model in this pic. Does yours have the remote control panel also?


Yes it does look like that one pictured. It has the same control panel on back. Is there more than one amp that it would have come with? where can I get a schematic for the one pictured in your amp? Does the amp have a number designation of it's own or is it 6155? thanks for help in identifying it.


Well, yours is older than the one in my pics. The octal tubes and Rola speaker code make it look like a 1946 model. If there is still a serial # on the amp that will help date it more closely. The 6155 schematic on the Internet is for a more modern version made by Valco, but the power section is probably pretty similar. I'm not certain that Valco even made your amp. The man you should really talk to is Terry Dobbs at

11 those mixed up. Yours is a newer version than the one in my pics. If you have the serial# and a speaker code that will help date it.


About when did amp makers stop doing separatey located pre amp and power section... Fender, pretty early... Supro,... weren't some of 1960-65 amps (the larger ones) done that way?


I had a '66 Guild Thunderbird with a two piece chassis setup like that. It used to be common, tho, I can't think of a regular Fender built with a two piece setup. They made the Excelsior in two parts like that recently, so, it never really totally went away, but has been rare for the last few decades. What with PCB construction, everything's gotten smaller.


I think it was just part of the evolution of moving the control panel from the bottom of the cabinet to the top. From the back to the front. It certainly is cheaper to make one unit than two connected by an umbilicus. The Excelsior was probably done in two pieces for throw back appeal.


Anyone know whether this is an original amp or not?


Looks original to me. I spoke with Terry Dobbs and he thinks it might have been made by Danelectro, but isn't a Valco product. I can't find a schematic that looks like your amp. You might search old Danelectro schematics and find one that looks like yours, go from there. What kind of problems are you having with the amp?


Sometimes with an amp that old, you just need to test individual components to make sure they function. Test the transformers for shorts. Test the caps and resistors to make sure they have the same value as marked. A schematic isn't really needed if the amp hasn't been modded away from spec. You can get all your values off of the resistor color codes and cap markings.

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