Gretsch Amps

Local Find


Saw this today in the local c--list , cool little Gretsch Amp,one knob wonder. Know nothing about this model, but it's in N. Central Florida.I believe this guy ships as well, he has a small music store where he sells B stock instruments.Link


I tried to link to a google image site yesterday and got the same "404 Error."


Why didn't I buy ALL the Gretsch amps when you could get anything you wanted for $600?


There's a clean one that's been on reverbay for a while for $495. Fun little amps especially the 6150T, with tremolo.


That one's a little shabby for the price they're asking. Most of the 6150/6150T amps I've encountered are fairly clean. Also, these are 1960s not '50s.

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