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Inside the G5222


Some quick photos of the insides of the Gretsch G5222.


I'm still waiting on mine and your tearing yours apart. LOL Thanks for the peeks!


Is that shielding underneath the chasis factory installed? Looks a little rough. No offense if you did it. Just making a point if it came from the factory that way. I really want either one of these or a champ 600. It would be interesting to hear about tone differences between the two if anyone has driven both.


That shielding is the same as in mine. It bruises easily especially because the cabinet is often a very narrow fit so just pulling the chassis can tear it up. I replaced the shielding on the sides (and added some on the front) with self sticking copper foil that can take a bit more stress.

As far as I can tell the Ch600 and G5222 are 100% similar electronically so any differences would be down to the different rear panel. Then again I played 5 different Ch600s in one go recently (I work in a music store and I made sure ours were all running) and there were very discernable differences between them. The preamp valves seem a bit shaky sometimes and the speakers need some time running in which can account for these differences.


Vinkie, yeah I was curious about any difference since the only difference between the two seems to be cab construction. I guess that would be difficult if you couldn't get a similar tone out of any two of the same model, though.


Right… lots of skills and knowledge here, that's perfect for the technically challenged people like me.

I read somewhere that "lifting the "bottom" end (ground) of the 6.8K "middle" resistor" does a lot of good to that amp (the Champion 600 actually).


what kind of improvement is that supposed to lead to, and where is the aforementioned resistor? (and what part of the resistor is its bottom?)

Thanks Joss


I think the mod you are referring to is lifting the ground end of R19. That's one of the resistors that makes up the tone-stack, not one of the input resistors. If shorted the tonestack will be defeated completely which adds a lot of gain and more mids to the amp. This function can also easily be added to a switch, push-pull volume pot or even footswitch.

I read about it on the huge Champion 600 topic(1200+ posts IIRC) on the FDP.


Hey guys, thanks a bunch! You can assume I actually don't really know what I'm talking about, but I'll look into it!

I noticed that the Champ600 has a strange effect on the mud switch of my 65 Annie - basically, it's definitely not as muddy as on any other amp I've tried, but this little amp does a rather good job of actually keeping faithful to the guitar's natural tone. My Supertron equipped 68 Streamliner particularly sounds good through it…

Very scientific isn't it?



just had a chance to compare the gretsch 5222 amp and the fender 600 side by side .

ive been told that the specs on these two examples are supposed to be the same . useing a fender telecaster and playing one then the other for 10 minutes or so i concluded that the gretsch was the one between the two that pleased me .

the fender seemed a bit muddy when i pushed the volume up but the gretsch seemed to have a smoother breakup .

my comparison with these amps are the only two ive tried and i have heard a few individuals say the sound quality of the 600 varies from one to the other and that vary well might be the case with the example ive compared to the gretsch .

ive solved my search for a small amp and took a new 5222 gretsch amp home in the box for $135.00



$135??!! wow, from prices that I've seen (around 200), that's a good deal g6120.


yes i was set back a bit when that price was quoted to me i was expecting closer to the price you mentioned so i could not resist . ive had a long time relationship with the owners of this music store so im sure they went out of thier way to give me a good deal .

i was surprised to be honest ive always have been a fender guy so i was inclined to think before hand it was going to be the fender that was going to be my choice but my comparison was open minded .

have not as yet played my two 6120s using that gretsch amp but will do that sunday .



I want one! My only wish would be that it was 10-15 watts instead of only 5 and it had reverb and tremolo, while still maintaining the small external dimensions.

I am a small amp fan (atic) and I especially like the retro-looking ones. A wood amp like the old Gibson GA50 is freekin' cool! It probably doesn't qualify (to me) as a small amp though.


Hi all,

im in australia, and have the american version of this amp, so 110V power supply.

im using a step down transformer at the moment (from 240V), but id like to replace the power transformer in the amp itself.

would it be simply a matter of swapping out the current one or would it be slightly more complicated??



Brendon said: would it be simply a matter of swapping out the current one or would it be slightly more complicated?

That is all it would take. You just need the right transformer and some 1/4" quick fit plugs.

There are lots and lots of suppliers who have champ transformers.

One source of course is Fender. A fender repair shop should be able to get the transformer.

Mercury has one (it is rather expensive) but also has a complete upgrade package. (also expensive: PN C600-KIT/240 - 274USD for the 240VAC version)

Weber has one that might work but you'd have to check the size to see if it physically fits. W022772EU - 48USD

Again though there are lots and lots of places for transformers.

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