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Hey, Powdog…


Well, although I am not the aformentioned P-dog, I think this was the very last era of Valco amps, where they had the dark grill cloth. This one is clean as I have seen.. . I think it's a solid $750 piece. I still say 1956-1966 Valco was just one rung below Fender as far as great sound. Could be killer w/ guitar or low-volume bass.


It does seem very clean. I'll need to ask when it was last serviced...

I wasn't looking for this, it bumped into me!


Odd design. Each 6L6 pair powers a separate speaker via the single stereo output jack. It needs a stereo speaker cable. I would guess the speaker cab is wired in stereo. If not it could spell trouble with all four 6L6’s installed.

Cathode biased, lossy tone network. Probably not a lot of cleans for solid bass. With a little tweaking it might be great for guitar, like a stereo Thunderbolt.

Agree with DC, a little steep for a marginal Valco amp. But it is super clean, and the possibilities.......


I just sent a note with a few questions...

I'll look a bit for more information, the stereo or separate pairs was curious. Two 35W amps in one, or is that the High Bass channel?


No, it’s designed to run two speaker loads simultaneously.


Here’s a good run down.


and that's how clean most of them are these days... I would use a Super Bass for lo-volume bass I think


Like the larger Danelectro/Silvertone amps.


We shall see...

Hopefully, a meet up Saturday afternoon. Too clean not to go check it out.

I remember a decade ago chatting up someone in AZ who had the cleanest Gemini II I had ever seen. Then another Super Echo in Vegas.

The outsides don't decay out West, but the insides do...back East they rust and fall apart on the outside...humidity seems to keep the components healthier.

EDIT: Seems this Amp has moved around a bit the past few years...


I bought it.

More to follow...fully functional, I like how the 6120 with TVJ Classic sounds, probably 95 out of 100 for condition if this were an unrestored Antique Car Show "Perservation Category" judging.

Not nearly as heavy or bulky as I thought might have turned me off.

Super Cool...


Very cool. It’s always nice when you plug into an old amp and it immediately sounds good. Ear to ear grin I’m betting.

Nice score.


Very wide tone variation between the few knobs, I'll hone in on something very Gretsch-ie for the 6120.

When we were in NYC, I looked at 100's of older amps. Nothing made me bite, ... too much deterioration, too many unknowns. This was an easy choice, and whatever it needs, whatever something, is even easier as the amp is a simple circuit layout, no extras...

It needs a good look and a once-over on the insides/ doubt...but, a great starting point.

I had a lot of discussions with Club Owners back then in NYC about making a smaller venue that was all retro/antique gear...just the way it pedals...just show up as a Band or Artist, plug in, and entertain those who paid a Two-Drink minimum and bought a ticket price you asked for...

"The Vibe Room"...

Then the Financial Crisis hit, and Lower Manhattan started to tilt into the Harbor south of Vesey Street...

My ankles got wet...and that was well before Irene and Sandy...



I know nothing about NYC, let alone Vesey Street.

What I do know is that the Off Beat Festival in Reno kicks off November 9th and goes thru the weekend. Bands from across the country, playing at every club, drinking hole and dive bar in downtown Reno. The format is classic Reno “crawl” and you’ll need a wristband.

The bands show up, plug in and go. Minimalist at its best. You might want to check it out.


I’ll be there all day/night Saturday. Shotgun Sawyer, BASHA, MELK, Happy Trails, Failure Machine, Joan and the Rivers, Van Goat. Just a ton of killer bands.


Excellent amp and buy. Well done that man.. Sad that it's impossible to get such gems in Europe.


Another day of playing around...

I would describe the Guitar/Low Bass/High Bass selector switch as something akin to a Mud Switch. When you switch to Guitar, large volume drop though....need to understand the circuit better....easily made up for by turning the Volume pot...

I played my Epi Jack Bass today, clearly the Tone Stack is more accommodating. It has a Low Impedance PickUp. Nice tone in both the High and Low Bass modes.

The main Tone Knob is immediately favoring guess is that the Pot has been replaced and needs a different value/type to spread out the effect over the entire dial range. Could be the capacitors have failed or are failing...but, it does work.

Guitar Mode is too bright at the moment, probably capacitors, but the High and Low Bass give some range.

I'm sure once I get inside there will be a few things needing normal service. There is little extra hum, it still has a 2-prong cord, etc. But, I do like that the schematic is relatively simple.

I believe the Stereo Jack speaker cord is a patch cable. I'll need to fabricate one that can handle full power.

I like the Tone coming off the speakers, haven't taken the Baffle out, yet.

Need to check ohms...

The bottom side edges of the Tolex have curled a bit at the outside seams. And the rubber feet were either gone or worn. I had a set of feet, and I staple gunned the short sections of Tolex flat until I can do a nice repair.


It has been 50 years!

Gotta figure somebody has done something to have it working at its current state...


Jensen 2200648 (48th week 1966)


C12 NA C8445 2

I think they are a matched pair of "special" C12Ns...50W...8 Ohm. OEMed to Valco to handle Bass...


18ga. 6ft. 3-prong Power Cord, Stereo 1/4" male jacks, and flexible 16ga. 3-conductor identified, ...ready for my wife to order after she looks for anything else she might need on Amazon.

I will make both a short and a long cable to either connect the head/speaker enclosure as a stack, or if there would be a need to put some space in between.

We'll see how much hum gets reduced with the 3-pronger...then start determining what minor changes will improve overall Tone and Adjustments. That Tone knob is a target for sure, need to spread out the whole 300 degrees of turn....

I plan to only use the 6120, and I want Tavo's new BS-301 Japanese chip pedal in the chain.

Hey Tavo, expect an order...

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