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Help ID Gretsch cab please.


Hello, I’m new to this site. Have a bit of everything except Gretsch gear. I did, however, just acquire a wonderful Gretsch speaker cabinet. From the late 60’s with 3 Jensen 12” speakers. Two C12Q’s and one C12PS. Everything works and there is a cool light that illuminates the Gretsch logo. Any information on this item would be appreciated. I thought maybe it was for a PA system but a friend did not think Gretsch made PA amps. The speakers models were used in guitar amps from what I could find online. Thanks.

Link to item ...


That is an odd one but it looks a lot like the solid state Nashville amp they had around 1969/70 or so, made by Supro. Not long after Kustom started making Gretsch amps. And if in good shape, those are good speakers.


Definitely the same era as the SS Nashville. With 3-12" Jensens, it very easily could be a PA cab, as the ad says it's wedge shaped. For $99, if the speakers are good, it'd be a great deal.


Welcome to all things Gretsch! Very interesting cabinet you've got there. With your toe in the Gretsch pond, maybe this will spur you on to obtaining one (or more) Gretsch guitars.


It’s just a cabinet. No amp within. I’m assuming it’s a Gretsch product since it has the Gretsch logo but I guess this could have been added ... but I believe it’s original. The holes seem to be appropriate. I do have the Duo Jet on my wish list. And I know Gilmore played a Gretsch also ... not sure which one though. I’m a fan of Jack White and have seen his customized Gretsch.


Well the Nasvhille was 2-15s I guess and this is 3-12s, so an odd duck but still from that Supro/Gretsch era. I think it's an original piece. with the weird light and logo, etc .l


Luckily the speakers all work. It’s not possible to test items so one never knows when buying from this org. It seems the speakers are worth at least $70 or more so it was a good deal.


Forgot to mention ... the Jensen stamp on the speakers are from 1967. Of course could have been installed anytime thereafter. In VG condition and seems like screws/speakers never removed ... no wear from removing original screws.


Found out what it is. The Gretsch Tornado solid state amp came with two tower cabinets. Larger ones had two 15” Lansing speakers. Smaller option had three 12” speakers. Same era as the Nashville.

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