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Gretsch (Valco) 6150T vs. Vibro Champ


Anyone ever done an A/B on these? Of course pretty much same spex... single 6V6, 8" speaker, 5-6 watts, trem. Of course the VC has treble an bass instead of tone control.

Somehow now these 6150Ts are eatin' on me.
Check this sold killer clean one-- can't be many like this left.


I've had both. And they're lot's of fun, but different the way a Valco just sounds different from a Fender. I always think of Chicago blues when I hear a Valco; it's a dirtier sound than the Fender when dimed. The Gretsch seemed to have a looser, swampier, more organic tremolo. It choogles a bit more than the Fender. Gretsch may have also had a version with reverb in the late '60's before the the solid state stuff.


Dang a little 6150 w/ verb even cooler.

Well like that post of mine last month-- all this badass stuff like Harmony, Kay, Valco came outta Chicago area.

Well maybe w/ a better speaker could be cool also.


The Valco used ceramic coupling caps and smaller filters (20/10/10uF) than the VC. It’s a grittier sounding amp, not as polite as a VC.


I have a Gretsch 6152 made by Valco. It's a 1967 with reverb, tremolo and a 12" Jensen. It is a very unique amp with a raw gritty tone.


I have a Gretsch 6152 made by Valco. It's a 1967 with reverb, tremolo and a 12" Jensen. It is a very unique amp with a raw gritty tone.

– powerwagonjohn

That's the one! Gretsch changed the name from 6150T to the 6151, and introduced reverb on the 6152. Kind of a mini- Princeton reverb. Powerwagonjohn, this couldn't be a 5 watt with that 12" speaker could it?


I've got a 6150T, $595 is a pretty dang good deal.

Singular in tone when it's full on, if I didn't already have one I would be poaching that one. LOL

And that one is CLEAN!!


Yes it is 5 wats. I just found it on my local C/L about a month ago. It looks like it was stored most it's life. All orignial RCA tubes and Jensen C12 R driver. My wife told me to buy it for the lock down. Not having much time with the single ended amps this is a real learning experience. I was up till 2 in the morning playing away. Now I need a dyna jet or Country Club to go along with the amp. Thanks john


Yeah, I just checked the '68 catalog. These had 10" speakers where the 6150 had an 8. The 6150T had an 8". I do miss my 6150T, but a friend has it so it's not too far away.


Man I gotta look into all this. Gotta ask tho how is the Valco verb>>?

LIke we know Dano amps of same era had great trem but reverb SUCKED.

I am not expecting Fender or even classic Ampeg verb, but is this decent enough?


I don't use a lot of reverb, usually just a little space. But I have to say the reverb on the 6152 is pretty good, kind of lo-fi like the amp. And a quaint cardboard box. I do have a Fender Reverb unit and an Ampeg with reverb and it not quite the same as them. Thanks john


I've got the standalone Gretsch/Valco reverb tank and it's pretty...unusual. It's not surf drip for sure.


Please sir, I think the Gretsch amp is similar but breaks up earlier? And it looks way cooler?


I think these had better cabs than some of the other models and way cooler knobs too! Thanks John


Same as the Gretsch minus trem.


OK I'll buy it.

Guy says he needs money for Christmas. Guess he's a plan-ahead kinda feller.

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