Gretsch Amps

Gretsch Safari anyone


Locally up for sale Are they really worth that money? 15W Solid state w optional battery powering? Never seen one of these. Just curious... Will teilen: Gretsch "Safari", 15W Batterie/ Solid State, vintage guitar amp


I had a Gadabout and sold it. It was ok. Think of these as practice amps or something to take camping and haul along a electric guitar. I wouldn't sink to much money into one thou.

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Some folks charge...and/or pay a bunch for anything Gretsch.


Great idea before it's time. I ended up with a Roland Microcube. 6 aa batteries gets you 6-7 hours of playtime. A Pignose ran a close second.


Not for 500 Euros---maybe 50, and that's just for the value of the Gretsch knob and nameplate. Vox makes a number of far better battery powered amps, and even a Pignose would be a better value, among others.


Thanks for your replies. I already thought that the price tag was mainly because of the motto: "Its old, its rare - it has to be expensive".

I'll pass...

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