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Well, finally finished the reverb unit. Sounds great, no hum or buzz and very little white noise. Had a problem picking up a radio station and excessive shot noise, but different ground scheme and bias fixed that. Not perfectly silent, probably due to low voltages, but very cool 60's echo vibe.


Hey guys. Gonna build a Gretsch reverb unit to compliment my new Model 24. Wondering if anybody would have a schematic for the unit that had an 8" speaker built in, with the boomerang Grillcloth? Also interested in which reverb tank would I use for a model G6144 reverb unit. Same as a Fender? Sure appreciate the help.

– Powdog

Hello, I have the Gretsch G6144 reverb unit.

The stock reverb tank is horrible, it's the one made inside a card box, not even a metal case. It sounds really dark, low fi, and the reverb time is really short without sustain. I really advise anyone with this unit to try the it with an accutronics reverb tank to listen to the difference, it's quite big.

Anyway if you want me to do some measurements in the original unit , like DC resistance or inductance, etc, to know what could be the specs to look for a replacement unit please let me know. At the moment I only know that the input is not grounded and the output is grounded.

schematics here:


I ended up cloning the Premier 90 for my reverb project. With the new tank, how do you like it? Still dark?


Ohh, I'm really sorry to hear that. That's realy sad.

With an Accutronics or OC Electronics Reverb tank it sounds great.


Two more reverb units. One in two tone Tolex and the other in a two tone hardwood box.


Super cool as always Powdog. Got any soundclips? I can dig some lofi reverb

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