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Gretsch G5222 Electromatic Need Some Help


I'm new to using discussion Boards.But I need Help with my G5222.My son was usuing it and he noticed a puff of smoke and turned it off.I took it apart and two resistors were burned i replaced them #R15 & #R16 But i guess wishful thinking it done the same thing and made a loud hum.Does anyone know what maybe causing these to fry.I was thinking about the electrolytic Caps but i wanted to see if anyone else may have a answer.I received a schematic from Fender which there name is on the board.


here is a picture of the board that shows where the two burned resistors are located


I will try to figure out how to put the schematic up.


R15 and R16 are the ground reference resistors for the filament (heater) circuit. You must have a shorted 6V6 tube or maybe (but doubtful) the 12AX7 that is causing them to blow. Try new tubes and fresh 100 ohm resistors in those spots.


Thanks i will give that a shot.I can't figure out why the fuses didn't blow .I think the tubes are the stock china made .


I will order a good set of tubes i was thinking that my Vtm 60 peavey may have one in it to try but it has 6L6GC.Thanks for the help.


The filament section isn't fused - only the primary supply. So the 6V6 probably shorted plate to filament or something and those resistors gave up the ghost.


Thanks again for the help.I will get a new set of tubes and try that.I wonder if it would help the tubes by adding a standby switch.


I got the tubes in and replaced the two resistors and it works.Thanks JBGretschGuy For your help and saving me from taking it to the repair shop.On the two resistors i lifted one of the trace on one end of the resistor but i was able to soldier it to the next thing on the trace.I hope that is okay.Thanks Again for the help.Next Thing i would like to put a standby switch.


Glad you got it running again. A standby with may be more trouble than its with in a small amp. You'd have to do some engineering. A progressive three-way switch might be best.


For what it's worth, here's a little diagram on how you can use a DPDT switch to replace your power switch and get a standby switch:

And some instruction:

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