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Gretsch Carousel SS Question


Hi New here but looks like the place I can get info on this $5.00 amp I found at a farm sale. Its a Gretsch Carousel and no tubes so must be a early solid state. Transformer is hanging by one wire and a couple other wires hanging also so I'm hoping to find help with wiring. I don't know what watt this amp is and the transformer will need replacing. Hope someones got some info on this. Thanks Bill


I know just a little. What do you hope to find out?


Hi Baxter Thanks for getting back. Everything on the main board looks fine,I would like to find a wiring diagram for the 2-3 wires that are just hanging. Also I don't know what watt it has and the size of transformer cause it looks rusty. I'm new here and just seen I can upload pic's so I will get a couple to upload. Its gonna take a little while cause its snowing hard and its up in the shop. Thanks


Baxter I'm not sure if my pic is getting uploaded. Will click add post n see i guess


I just brought it in the house and now I see 2-3 wires off the transformer besides a couple others. Had it a few yrs and this is first time I actually looked at it. I have worked on SS pinball machines so I do know some.


I can pretty much guarantee that all of those potentiometers have been replaced. They never left the factory with shafts that long. Good luck!


Hi Thanks for responding. I looked at that one you sent link to and that's the same allright and I see where wabash slim is right about the potentiometers being to tall and not orginal. I'm wondering what you meant about,kinda Optimistic price?? Is it not worth fixing? It would be hard to find original parts. Thanks william


Thanks wabash slim for the reply. DCBirdMan sent a link to one like I got and your right mine are way to high and not original. Not sure its worth trying to fix or not. Probably never find original parts. I was gonna try figuring out wiring to see if it will work, thats why I came here to see if someone had a diagram or schematic. Thanks for your input. william


It's a '60s transistor amp. Solid state amps in the '60s weren't noted for their quality sound. The blurb in that Reverb ad says "you'd be fooled into thinking this sounds like a tube amp". Yup. If you like working on stuff, enjoy it---IF you can find a schematic. Probably every capacitor will need to be replaced as well as that transformer. I'd think that it wouldn't be worth the effort myself.


Yeah your probably right but 5 at a sale and I seen Gretsch so thought I better grab it. I will give it some more thought about fixing. Thanks for taking your time replying.


The speaker and cabinet are worth at least $5.


lol Yeah probably worth 5. Few yrs ago I was into pinball machines and old tube radios so I learned about those old paper capacitors etc, so I think If I can find more info on it maybe I can get it going. I got the webs vacuumed and wiped it down since I posted those pic's, it might look better lol. Any idea what size transformer to replace it with? #'s on top are - ED 244 682 533 I couldn't find anything. Potentiometers changed or do you think the whole chassis was out of something else?


Chassis looks to be original. You'd do better looking up Supro schematics as DCBirdman suggested. The pots are likely the right values, so, cutting the shafts down isn't that big of a deal. Too bad you didn't get the original Gretsch knobs with it. Check the transformer for continuity. It may just look bad but still be usable.


I have never messed with amps before and my talk you can probably tell. I thought chassis was made by Velco , see my talk and study lol. I didn't know what DCBirdman meant saying supro, Ok I will search that. Cut shafts thats a good idea. I'm 67 and just retired so i got the time. 30yrs ago I played drums and had guitar friends come over and we would play till daylight well till wife and kids come along, but I still got my drums and a teac a2340 4 channel so I wanna get back into it and I got a couple guitar to fiddle with. Thanks wabash slim

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