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Gretsch amp serial numbers


I'm in the process of cleaning up the cab from the Stereo King that has been discussed previously. I found a serial number metal plate in the bottom of the head cab with the code T24109. Any info on what that might tell me? I see a number of references to Gretsch guitar serial numbers but not amps.


What are your plans with that setup?


I also pulled a pot which was 304-5926. If I'm correct that makes it a Stackpole pot from the 26th week of 1959? So does this add any plausible reality to the Eddie Cochran story. A long way from solid proof I admit, but plausible?


What are your plans with that setup?

– Powdog

At this point I'm in the process of cleaning up the head cab and taking the chassis to Skip Simmons to get it running again. To my untrained eye, most of the components look original but I see a couple of clipped wires and electrical tape repairs so it's been messed with at some point. I've not received the speaker cab yet, they were sent in separate boxes. As it appears to be an original 2x8" cab re-fitted with 1-8" and 1-12" (wired independently) I'll probably just enjoy the amp as is. I'd be shocked if I ever find an original 1-15" like came with it.


Skips the man. You live in Sac?

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