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I want to try and reproduce some of the Gretsch amp-badges from the 60s. A colleague has access to a 3D printing facility and knows how to do the 3D-modelling that is needed to drive the printers. So now we need input to make those 3D models.

Danman has already graciously donated a detailed photograph of the 'Gretsch' badge (THANKS!:D). Now I'm delving into info on the model-designation badges. I am looking for detailed photographs of the different badges. For my own amps, I'm looking for the 'Executive' logo and the 'Bass Amp' logos.

Does anyone know or recognize the typeface (font) used for those badges?

Here's a couple of examples (I'll need better closeups for building the repro 3D models):

See also this '65 catalog for some of the models that should have this model badge. Interestingly, the '65 catalog shows no model badge on the 6159 Bass Amp, while earlier models (like my '62) should have one.


FWIW I've drawn up the Chet version and have it on file. Our very own Herve cuts these out by hand! See thread started yesterday looking for a logo.


I don't think they where actual fonts but probably an art Dept. Had drew them for the line. Here is the Chet version I came up with:

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Thanks for that image Paul, looking good! I was kind of afraid that it might be like you say. The lettering doesn't look consistent enough to be a machine font.

Can I use your image to try for a 3D print? What is the width of the 'Chet Atkins' logo btw?


Yes you can use it. If you need a better file I can email it to you. I'll have to measure's small that's for sure!


Thanks Paul, I'd be interested in the higher rez file. And a horizontal size reference should be sufficient.:)


I suspect Paul is right, but try whathefont



i have the 6159 with all logos on front. Model from 62. i can make a picture and send you. But i miss the GRETSCH Logo on my 6149 preamp. Is there a chance to get a replica from you.

Thanks Christoph


I asked Måns but that be $100 per logo.


If you decide to reproduce the "GreTsch" badge with the mounting pins on the back, sign me up!


We already have the 3D model for the logo, but still need to get the pins right. And then do a prototype run.

I was kinda hoping for some detailed pics + dimensions on the model badges (especially 'Executive' and 'Bass Amp'), but no luck so far. Can anyone help me with thosw?


I suspect Paul is right, but try whathefont

– Baxter

I suspect Paul is right, but try whathefont

– Baxter

Tried it, but it didn't produce any usefull results yet. Thanks for the suggestion!:)


Oohhhhkay, allllriight, we win!

Cracked the amp-logo font puzzle today with the help of a coworker: the font Gretsch used for the amp model badges in the 60s was 'Brush Script MT'.

This means that once I have a good size reference (and pin positions), we can start making 3D models for those as well! :D

See for yourself :)


To me it makes sense that the same logo that is printed on the chassis, is also used on the grille. Let's take a look at the executive logo:

Close, but not a 100% match. My guess is, as Paul suggested, that the logo molds were adjusted to make them more producable (stick the dot to the i, connect the E to the x, add mounting pins here and there). So, they'll need some handy work to make them match a little better. But this font is going to do 95% of the work.:)


Variety Plus

Here the V, the y and the P are really different. Could have to do with the need for the mounting pins, but especially that lower swipe in the y is a creative step away from the original font.


The logo's on the grilles don't really match the Brush script font. They're close, but different. The Executive "E" looks like a different font. I guess it also has something to do with the letters having to connect.


Mike: the lowercase letters look pretty close to me. The connections between the letters were made thicker so the logo wouldn't break. The uppercase letters also contain the mounting pins; those are the bigger blobs you see. The Variety Plus logo has bigger deviations tho.

Jayce, that would be awesome!:D I need those logos in a high rez, black & white image. My co-worker can convert those to a bevelled 3D model. The standard font letters are easy. The deviations require some (a lot!) of handywork to get them bevelled properly.


I wouldn't bother beveling unless you have a smooth outline first.


The 3D package has a good engine to convert (hirez) bitmaps to vector images. That's what he did with the 'work in progress' image. The basis for that was a photo that Danman made of the logo. As you see the number of polygons is manageble.:)

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