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New to this site.
Does anyone have any information on a Gretsch Accordiotronic Amp. It has three inputs, tremelo with footswitch, the tweed wrap around cloth, with hole to the upper left. One large speaker. Black with tan tweed. The box covering is not like others I have found on the net and it has a silver solid handle. I found it in a house I was tearing down about 18 years ago, since then it has sat in my garage and today I got it out and finally tried it. Sounds good, but seems the tremelo may be stuck. Any info would help.


Pix really helps. Gretsch was not known to be tied into the accordion scene like Ampeg and Sano were. Sometimes amps that have been sitting that long have to be brough up on a variac to avoid damage from an AC surge. Usually old, unserviced amps that have been sitting a long time need some kind of servicing.


It could be a 6163, but, yeah, pictures if you want to know for sure. Definitely sounds like it would be an early '50s amp.


I will try to get a picture up tomorrow sometime. Thanks for the information.


The closest thing I could find is the 6163 Electromatic Deluxe, which has an accordion input jack. See pg. 17 of the 1955 catalog in the "History" section here. The description also says it has a wrap-around grill which is not shown in the photo.


Here are pics of the Accordiotronic.


One more picture of the Accordiotronic


Wierd. That's a '50s cabinet, for sure, (I had one), and same refrigerator handle, but the control panel looks much newer, maybe '60s or '70s. As I recall, it's 15-18 watts, with a 15" speaker (13-1/2" opening). The Tolex on this is different, too, as is the grille cloth. It's a puzzler, isn't it?


Yes, it is very weird. The inside looks like somebody put it together in their garage. You can see where they put the panels together and then painted it with a brush. From the pictures I have found the knobs look like pre-50's, the handle seems to be late 50's and the covering makes no sense at all. Lloyd at Gruhn guitars in Nashville, said late 50's, early 60's. If you notice it also says "The Fred Gretsch Company" on the control panel. I thought that might be a date maker, but so far no one has put anything up about it and I can't find "Accordiotronic" anywhere on the net. I am trying to decide where to list it to sell it. I don't use it and it will just sit here and go down further. thinking of Ebay of course, or maybe talk to some vintage amp place.


Yes I put it on Ebay. Maybe someone else can use it or at least give me some more info.

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