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Gretsch 6166 Electromatic Hi-Fi Amplifier Restoration


I am currently in the process of restoring a 1957 6166 Electromatic Hi-Fi Amplifier. This is the only variant that I have seen that has a Phono input. It has two channels with Tremolo, no reverb. What I would really like is a schematic for any 6166 model. If any one out there can help I have scoured the internet with no success. Also one of the Rola 550-1 Tweeters was replaced at sometime in the past and I would like to find a original Rola 5 50-1 in any condition. I would also be interested in any Tung-Sol 5881 date coded 2657xx.


I think the 6169 Fury Piggyback schematic on is gonna be pretty close. Minor differences if any. May want to use it as a roadmap, make notes of the differences and draw up a schematic. Lots of guys will be interested in seeing that.


I'd be interested in seeing a pic or two of the amp now. I think I've only ever spotted on example in the past.


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