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Gretsch 6156T Sale PSA


I think that design is earlier than 1966. The Gretsch Valco amps only would last until 1968 when Supro/Valco tanked.

1965 / 1966 amps were this style, correct ? With big metal handle, etc.


I don't think those handles were still in use by '68. I'd guess that is probably '66 or earlier.


Interesting concept, lower your payment to ebay by loading sale price into shipping? I wonder if that works? Even so $600-750 is probably about the going rate for one of these....I think? It's been a while.

Overall it looks like a cool, clean amp and sounds good although they didn't have standby switches or tremolo switches back in the day, right? So those are the outright mods. My 6150T is pedal operated tremolo, my guess is that without looking at the control panel someone has "upgraded" it.


I have a Stereo King that pre-dates this amp by a good margin and it has a Stand-by switch, my '56 Executive does as well. Not sure about the tremolo though ?


The "low sale price, but high shipping" to screw eBay on their fees was something that worked years ago, but a while back, eBay changed their policy to charge on the whole amount of the sale price, including shipping.


The speaker shows a '67 date code (or '77?) I always thought by those years the amps looked different ?


Brother Ray lives 10 minutes away and is in the market for a good amp. Is this a good amp?


I watched the YouTube on it and it sounds pretty good - I can say it's pretty much comparable to my little vintage Gretsch (Supro) amp. They're cool little things, break up really early and are fun for fooling around or miking and recording.

They look cool too.


Yes it is but you can beat that price by quite a bit

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