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Gretsch 6150, help id year! pdf too!


I'm looking to find the year of this amp? I'm thinking it's a mid-sixties amp but I'm not certain so I wanted to ask you experts here! Also, I included a free music sheet on the blues! I hope it shows up. Simple for most blues players, but maybe not all. I couldn't think of a better place to share it! Besides, this is my first post!

The serial number on the silver sticker is 1-10084. Anyone know what year it is? Anything appreciated!!


Pix of the whole amp is best. That era Gretsch amp was made by Supro/Valco which folded in the late 60s


I'm having problems posting more than one pic. I can't figure it out, here's one more!


Welcome aboard thefathand! The system only allows one picture per post. Add additional posts for additional pictures, but it's necessary to add a bit of text for each post (even a . will suffice).


the speaker code (if original speaker) would really narrow it down but that's right in that 1963-66 range pretty sure. Others will weigh in.


If the speaker isn’t original you can date the amp by the numbers on the transformers.

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