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FS: ‘60 Gretsch Executive amp, model 6163


This is not my amp - am listing it for my buddy Bob, who has owned it since 1991.

From what I can gather, it's a '60 Executive that appears to be in mostly original, intact condition. No expert on these, but looks to have everything there outside of perhaps original tubes and it's missing a nut/washer on one of the lugs of the large speaker mounting lug and has an oversized washer on one of the other lugs (E. & O. E.).

I tried it out and it sounds great - very full, rich and organic tone and surprising loud for a Valco Supro circuit (easily 4X louder and much fuller than a '52 Supreme I played). Both channels work but there is a little of what Bob calls "kitchen noises" in the Trem channel, most noticeable as you wick up the speed/intensity of the trem. A little DeOxit in order, perhaps? Notwithstanding, it still sounds killer and is fully usable as is. The Normal channel has an incredibly low noise ceiling for an amp of this vintage/power. A little bit of reverb or slapback in front of this rig and you'd be in rockabilly heaven.

Please route all comms thru me as Bob works in a mine up north on a 2 wk in/out cycle and can be very hard to communicate with at times.

About 38 lbs and 19.5" X 23.5" X 10.25", will be double-boxed, so factor that into your shipping estimates.

Special price for forumites since this piece deserves to be kept in the Gretsch family, so to speak - US$800 takes it + actual shipping price from Canada (postal code S6H 3K1).

 photo DSCN3348_zpsrzfxnbjf.jpg  photo DSCN3349_zpsx9wqbydw.jpg photo DSCN3350_zpst0mipbxp.jpg photo DSCN3352_zps2bd61uhv.jpg


A single 15"?

It is an attractive amp that looks to be in good condition.


Per the pics, a single 15" driver for the lower freqs, a smaller 4" or 5" for the higher frequencies.

Good, but not great shape overall. The tone is surprisingly loud and rich, however.


New Year's special - howzabout $800, N. American shipping included? Think Bob might be inclined to go for that, but I haven't talked to him in a while.


Talked to Bob today. The mine he works for is out of commission for a few days, so he's available for communication if anyone has any questions or offers they want to float by him.

BTW, he is indeed agreeable to the USD $800 price which includes N. American (CONUS and/or Canada, a bit more for Hawaii/Alaska or int'l). This is a revocable offer and is dependent on currency exchange rates, however.



$700??? Last one of these I saw listed on was $1,395...


USD is weakening against CAD - the $700 price will be adjusted upward accordingly in the near future. If you've been waiting for it to come down more in price, that isn't going to happen - just saying'...


USD is getting weaker, so up she goes to $750.


With a piece like this you may have more luck putting it on consignment with some shop that specializes in used or vintage equipment, such as "The Ultimate Guitar Shop" in Winnipeg, for example. The problem with such an old amp is that it is tough to gauge exactly what kind of shape it is in without seeing/trying it. And the photos do give the impression that the piece has been well used. An amp of that vintage will most likely need some solid work done (caps etc.) to restore it to it's full former playing glory. Then too, the market for these larger amps is not exactly booming at the moment. Most of the good 'ole boys are moving to smaller units. I'm not saying that you will not eventually get what you are asking for it, but I've a feeling you may need some help finding it. Hence, some contact with a well connected third party vendor...


These are fan-frikkin-tastic amps. Used mine as main amp until I finished the first Elektra prototype. Mine has the exact same chassis in the later gray grille cloth cabinet. 800 is a steal in any currency.

What speaker does this one have? Is that the C15SP?

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