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Shouldn't our favorite guitar company help us out with solving these issues for us? I called Mark Baier about my popping tremolo and he recommended that I ship my amp back to him. When I suggested that that could be pretty expensive what with the amp's weight, he suggested that I take the amp head out of the cabinet and ship just that to him. Right. Just what I should be doing -- taking my amp apart. With my luck, I would find some cap that had not been discharged and light myself up like a holiday tree. (See what I did there? Ha ha.)

I would love to see Gretsch/FMIC take care of getting these fixed for us under warranty because they are otherwise simply tremendous amplifiers.


I thought about buying an Exec last year but wondered if it would really be any better than my '66 Gemini 2. Also, the reputation for hums and pops just made me hesitant. I see it as a blemish on Gretsch's reputation and agree that they could consider doing more to rectify the situation.


I have no idea if this would apply to the Excutive - I have a Playboy, but get the "pop" with the trem f/s. I have'nt had time to pull things apart yet and check out the below solution from Mark at Victoria.

" I notice "pop" when stomping on the trem foot switch. Any thoughts on how I might be able to address that."

Thanks.. putting a 1KΩ resistor in series with the brown lead going to the footswitch jack should stop the pop


Couldn't figure out the hum in the reverb circuit. Hopefully I'll be a little better at working on tube amps in the near future. Meanwhile, I broke down and dropped off my "Execulux" with an amp guy who's been around quite a while. I should have it back next week. I'll report on what he did to fix the problem and provide pictures if they're relevant.


I called Victoria last week and spoke with a tech. He said the same thing about the series resistor but said this was the first time he had heard of the problems with the Exec. Said that the amps all worked perfectly before shipping off to FMIC and that I should contact them. If the amp still hums with tubes pulled I'd start looking for a ground loop somewhere or move the star ground to a different location.

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