Gretsch Amps

Early 60’s Gretsch Amp Price List


I think this is from somewhere between 1960 and 1961.


That is too cool! Look how cheap that western amp is!!!


The Western was only $10 more. I am surprised there are not more of them around.

This is the only price list I know of that has the 6168 Stereo King Amplifier System. I have only seen 3 of these amps show up on the internet.


If you adjust for inflation, $350 is over $2650 in today's money. Some of them look cool, but they weren't very good amps compared to Fenders.


Wow I figured on inflation but didn't realize it was that much! I own a 57 western twin amp and NO, it doesn't sound good. In fact, it sounds terrible. I also have a 57 6161 with a 15" and it sounds pretty friggin good.


What '60-62 Gretsch/Valco 5 wattt amp had a tone control in addition to volume control?


Mike, as I recall, that would be the 6152. It's in the amps section.

Antik, do you have a better scan of the price list? I could add it to the memorabilia section.


My 6160 sounds so good I got rid of my old Super Reverb with no reservations and have not missed it one bit.

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