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Any of ya’ll familiar with Delaney Guitars?


Mike Delaney is a super cool guy and makes some pretty awesome guitars. He's built guitars for Arlen Roth, Duke Robillard, and yours truly. Thought you might want to check them out. Link


certainly uses some beautifully figured body wood..some really nicely figured swamp ash...wow

i dig the german carve on this


ps-sam lay huh.. iggys drum mentor


I'm quite familiar with Delaney Guitars. What would you like to know?


Don't need to know anything Mike. Just spreading the love.


@ neatone- you got it!!


I wasn't familiar with them but am now and thanks for the post and making me aware. I love the P90 options on the Tele models and their thick neck profile. It also appears that the option to choose your neck profile on other models exist.

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