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Custom cover for Electromatic Twin


I have an Electromatic Twin amp. I was thinking of having a cover made for it. Does anyone have a picture of the original covers for them? The catalog says "Mackintosh open end cover".

Also I wanted to have some type of Gretsch logo, steer or G-brand on the front. But they won't put logos on them. Maybe some of the talented guys on here could screen print it? I saw some here but I am sure it could be put on a vinyl cover. Link


Aftemarket places often won't put a logo on something due to copyright infringements. As it's a dust cover, I wouldn't worry about it having a logo. You won't see it when the amp is in use, and you won't need to see it when you're hauling it in your car to a gig. Save your money.


If you are set on doing it, contact an embroidery shop. They can probably embroider a logo on an existing cover. If you are going to do this be carefult about a padded cover. The thickness may be an issue. A copyrighted logo may be a concern there as well, but many will overlook it for a single cover or two.


Thanks Don for the nice reply. Its always nice to see positive, constructive replies. I don't post on here often. I was thinking of silk screen from seeing the grill on that amp in the link above. Not sure how they did it. And Setzer who does all the graphics for the pickguards probably has good templates and art to use.

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