Gretsch Amps

Baldwin Exterminator?


I have know about baldwin amps from this line for a few years (kurt vile) and some others played them... then I was looking up neail young amps and saw he played an exterminator.

when looking up the amp I could find little info other than this brochure which says that it was a gretsch amp?! Is this true anyone have any details on this big thing?


Most Baldwin amps were solid state, like their organs at the time. They made a few different models. Willie Nelson still uses the acoustic model designed to work with the Baldwin Prismatone pickups that he has on Trigger. Anymore, they're pretty scarce. Hard to believe that Neal Young used them for long.


I think neil still uses his depending on the project... might just be a crazy horse amp. I didnt realized they were solid state. Are they know for being very clean all the way up?


I had one for several years, back in the day! lol It kept blowing out the smaller speakers on a regular basis. The "purple" tone switch had a nice rich sound, especially for a SS amp

Big, heavy, and rather unique. It had 2-15's/ 2-12's, and 2 6" (?) speakers in it.

Neil was using his with the stereo Falcon way back when too.


I used to see these around a lot.. some had those colored plastic control tabs. I knew Willie used one. There was a bass amp model also.

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